Single protein bars

How come you can’t add single protein bars on the build your bundle?

Knowing how bad proteins bars can be - this is defo something I want to try before I buy a box.

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You can,there is a section for single bars and bottles

No, you can’t. Not Protein Bars, only Huel Bars there

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Yeah it’s only 3.0 bars and RTD to add as singles. Protein bars are boxed only.

Any plans to get single bars in the shops?

I usually buy those Fulfil ones but they’ve gone up to £2 15 and are pretty small.

The single Protein Bars will be coming, they’re not there currently just for operational reasons but once the warehouses are ready and they’ve got them available you will start to see them on our stores. Sorry for the inconvenience!


They are there! At least in the UK section of Build your own bundle :slight_smile: