Calorie Counting with Huel - 50lb target loss

V3.0 as well, with original, vanilla, and salted caramel.
But I’ve tried other flavours so far and combinations of them as well!

And we welcome you with open arms! Welcome back to the forum Clair! Lovely to see you again, and really hope that the changes you’re making will help you succeed!

If you want to read further there is a thread here which I laid out some advice and my thoughts on weight loss with Huel.

@5kg2go I would like to flag that I didn’t particularly like the wording of your reply, particularly the line above. It felt accusatory and rude, especially talking about Clair in the 3rd-person. I’ve left it there as I’m hopeful that you just weren’t thinking and were in Reddit mode. Please note this a community of humans (mostly :sweat_smile: damn those bots) and just because it’s the internet doesn’t mean we can talk about people however we like. At least not on the Huel forum.


Thank you Tim, much appreciated

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Good luck on your journey hun. It’s really tough trying to lose weight anywhere near the menopause. I am doing a similar plan to you and I am post menopause. Huel for breakfast and lunch suits my work schedule too. I try to have a ‘sensible’ evening meal most days too.
I try to stick to 1500 cals per day, which, if I am not overdoing my cups of tea and coffee with milk, has resulted in around 1 lb per week weight loss. I am happy to lose this amount weekly, as it soon adds up. Keep up the good work, you are doing great! :+1::blush:


Thank you!

Little update on last week (I weigh on Mondays), it ended up being a crazy week on the food front! I ended up at the works dinner thursday, then out for dinner Saturday, and out for Sunday lunch! But didn’t stress about it, I did two fasting days, and made what I thought were the most sensible food choices for the meals out. After Sunday lunch I was so full I didn’t even need dinner :joy: so that probably helped too. I also tried to go out for a daily walk, there’s a 1 mile loop I do from my house and once a week I also try to do a 3 mile walk. Result… 4lbs off! Expecting this week that the meals out will catch up so I’m hoping to stay the same. I hope you’re all having a good week!

Start weight 29/08/2022 17st 8lbs
Current weight 16st 5lbs
Total loss: 17lbs


I would recommend weighting yourself every day. On a daily basis, our bodies can change between -5 to +5 kg based on water & salt retention, so a once a week measurement wouldn’t be too reliable.

Are you serious? -5 to +5 is a 10kg difference. I’d have to chop my leg off for that difference in a day.

Weighing daily is obsessive and probably not mentally very good for some people.

People want to see trends in their weight loss, and it does fluctuate. I’d say once a week is a reasonable thing to do.


No, it’s a 5kg day max change, be it positive or negative.
If your actual weight is 75, the scale can show you either 70 (minimum value) or 80 (maximum value).
If you don’t look at the number etc, you just jump on the scale, get a value, and look at graphs/numbers weekly, it’s the same, just more precise since you’ll be looking at an average over a week, and not a single measurement.

I was sorta jokin’. But having said that a 5kg change a day seems a lot. Perhaps we should weigh ourselves 4 times a day for accuracy.


I believe you are confusing kilos with pounds - you can lose up to 5 pounds n a day because of water loss but not kilos. the average water loss is 0.8-2L of water a day (approx 2 - 4.5 pounds) - combined with the fluids you ingest, this is what causes the fluctuations in weighing yourself every day.

(clarification: so you don’t lose 5lbs physically, as you have to replace some/same/more water levels. or you wouldn’t last very long…)

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I’m quite happy with Mondays :smile: I find the daily fluctuation unsettles me, so I’m much better with once a week


Yeah I don’t think this is a this or that is better, really just what you feel comfortable with. Can totally see weighing in every day being damaging to many - motivation in general but also disordered behaviour.

Best to look at the trends over months and years, not just days and weeks. So once a week seems good.


Saturday… My usual relaxed day eating wise :slightly_smiling_face: lunch was 2 fried eggs on toast with butter, something I’ve been fancying all week. I find a relaxed day once a week (usually Saturday) means I can look forward to something instead of telling myself I shouldn’t have it, which really works for me. If I still fancy it by the weekend, I have it. Yum!

I did have a Chinese takeaway and wine last night, but I’ve also done my two fasting days, and was relatively sensible so I’m not worried about it. And as it arrived with the lovely man I’ve just started dating I’m even less worried about it :joy::joy::joy:

A good week so far, hopefully stay on track over the weekend and we’ll see what Monday brings!


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