Can the bar wrapper be recycled as soft plastic?


With more and more places now offering soft plastic recycling points for things like crisp packets and plastic wrappers and bags, can the bar wrapper be recycled at one of these?

if they can recycle an MLP like potato chips bags - they should be able to do the bar wrappers too - although christ knows where they are shipping them off to, to be boiled down in solvents :slight_smile: not sure when the fully recyclable bar wrappers are coming on stream this year.

Excitingly, YES!

Our Complete Protein Bars are all recyclable with soft-plastics! And our v3.1 Bars are almost there, they were changed in August in the UK and should have started to filter through to being sold between mid-September and going into early November.

If a v3.1 bar has a mobius loop with a recycling message on it, then it is the new recyclable bar wrapper

In the US they are already all in the same recyclable packaging!


I see you’re always asking what type of content people want to see in the emails, I’d love product announcements like this. No need to spam us, but maybe an update every few months…?

Thanks for the suggestion, but no point updating our whole database about something which isn’t in full circulation yet. But yes perhaps a social post might be appropriate if teamed up with some other announcements!

Social media post could work too :slight_smile: