Can the shaker handle hot coffee?

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Huel, chocolate powder, and 500 ml of freshly brewed filter coffee. Sounds fantastic, but will the standard Huel plastic shaker be okay with the heat?


If you use hot liquid in a small space it will “explode”.

So either cool it down, e.g. add some ice, or leave for a while. Alternately do what I do and just add a teaspoon of coffee granules and shake. This saves time and energy, no need to brew a coffee or boil water. :slight_smile:

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Hi Julian,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I’d guess that 10 seconds with the cap shut to shake wouldn’t cause too much of a hazard before flipping it back open for drinking. But how about the plastic? Is it made to handle high temperatures, or could there me some slow (or fast!) melting going on?

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I would avoid hot liquids. Warm is fine, hot is not.

I can tell you exactly what will happen.

Before you’ve finished shaking up your drink the pressure in the bottle will reach a point where the top will pop open and you’ll end up with hot coffee & huel all over yourself, the floor and quite possibly the ceiling.

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OP is asking if the plastic will melt.

@Julian answered that yes, the plastic may break down from high temperatures.

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After my second post, it occurred to me that instead of asking the vendor (who understandably needs to err on the side of caution when giving safety advice), I should be asking the manufacturer. So I emailed Buchsteiner and got this response yesterday

Please be informed that our raw-material for the Shaker bottles would be suitable for a temperatures between +120°C and -40°C.

So, with those numbers definitely covering freshly filtered coffee, I got to it this morning with -

  • 600ml coffee
  • 40g Banania chocolate powder
  • 3 scoops of unflavoured Huel

The first thing I found was that Huel does not shake well with hot water (although my ceiling did survive unscathed), lots of large powdery lumps in there, so a hand blender was definitely needed (but not a regular closed blender due to the need for releasing pressure every 10 seconds or so, easily done with the shaker. Sarcasm aside, that was a good call). The second thing I found, hot Huel does not taste “fantastic”, it tastes extremely unpleasant. Cloying and bland, it tasted a lot nicer after chilling in the fridge for a few hours (another win for Julian).

So, my idea was a bust, but a few things learned.

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Thanks for checking that with the manufacturer and sharing.
It might be worth trying Huel with cold brew :slight_smile:

It works. I have tried it, and have tried it mixed with iced coffee from starbucks/costa.

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