Can you get shredded on a huel only diet?

Please give me your experience and photos to back up would be nice.

You can get shredded on any/most diets. Just eat less calories than your maintenance amount.

Heck, a guy ate a diet of twinkies in America and lost bodyfat.

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It is oat based…you need shredded wheat.


I understand that however to drop to single figures body fat and keep mucle takes a bit more than low calories. I don’t want to look like a stick.

Low calories. High protein. Exercise.

I’m 85 kg and work out 4 x a week how many calories I’m on 2000 at the min

Ok now we’re talking. So you want to maintain muscle mass and lose bodyfat.

I’ve been doing the Craig Capurso extreme trainer. It’ll make you a nutrition plan to follow, which will include how many calories and protein you should consume based on the information you give it.

It’s fantastic so far, I’m definitely seeing progress in terms of definition. Just onto the final bits of belly fat now, arms, chest and shoulders are super lean.

Finally someone who’s on here to get lean. Not to play around thank you.