Cancel or changer my order before dispatch

I made a mistake and didn’t want the coffee flavour, wanted the original one + berry one. I’m trying to contact you everywhere . If that’s not too late please change it cause the coffee flavour is not my thing :s
Order 461272

Go on to your accounts / subscription you can change there if you’re doing it on a phone swipe left to see the whole page. Couldn’t find on mine originally but swipe left and you should see it .Samsung galaxy s7

Yes I did but I usually buy gluten free and forgot I had a subscription with the regular one. They sent it anyway so that’s too late now :frowning:

Hey, we’ve received your email from 4 hours ago, and are making our way through steadily to yours, but yes unfortunately the order has already been fulfilled so we won’t be able to make that change for you. Sorry about that. Have you been able to update your sub for next time?

I think the change was made, on Twitter someone said it was done on time , I hope it’s true. Else yes I corrected straight away when I saw the mistake