Need to cancel Order #561351-US before it ships please!

Hi, I was using your product for awhile, but I’ve been transitioning over to another diet, and thought I canceled earlier this month, please cancel order #561351-US before it ships if possible please. Thank you so much for your help!

I have reached out to support too via email.

@Tim_Huel and @Olivia_Huel if either you could help, I’d love you forever!

I’ll check in with the team and see whether they managed to pick this one up.

Hey David,

I can see that my colleague over in New York replied to you yesterday and cancelled your subscription for you.

Unfortunately, once orders have been placed, we aren’t able to cancel due to how quickly the fulfilment teams pick and pack orders. You can, of course, return this for a refund if you no longer require it.

Thank you

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Implement faster support channels like chat so these can get solved in time?

Yes please, how do I start the refund process @Olivia_Huel?

Thank you @Tim_Huel and @Olivia_Huel for your help!