Candidate for year-long trial of Huel

You might have heard on social media platforms about the fact that we’re looking for a candidate for a year-long trial of Huel! This will mean eating only Huel and nothing else for the period of 1 year. Paying £35K. Check out the job description and find out how to apply here:

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This is a great opportunity for someone. Sadly, I stay too far away to make weekly visits but I am sure it will appeal to many. You won’t have any problem filling this vacancy.

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Sounds like an excellent opportunity for the right person. I must admit, I feel really tempted as I could really do with the money and I do like Huel. However, unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to give that much control over to someone else at this point in my life. Especially the exercise.

If I was unemployed I probably would do it though.

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Yes it will be tougher than it first sounds. I did three months on strict diet and no alcohol for 3 months and that was tricky at time.

The big problems are special events, weddings, birthdays, nights outs with friends, etc.

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Now that’s impressive!

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I would be interested… Have done liquid only diets etc and never had an issue :slight_smile:

Hi Sophie I’d be very interested in doing this. Kate

I’d be interested, how can I apply for this trial?

Are you planning on doing the trial only in the UK? I would be super interested, but live in the U.S.
Still very intrigued with the product, wish there was something comparable here.

Great to see so much interest! The info on how to apply is here. We are looking for someone in the UK, yes, so they could have medical tests done easily. @Graysie I know what you mean. It’s a shame that it’s not available in the US.

I have just submitted my application for this study…it’s like waiting for Christmas…

Even though the money is incredible, the chance to change your relationship with food, and come out, a leaner, improved version of yourself is amazing.

I have everything crossed that I’m the “chosen one”…Ha!!!

Hi Sophie,

I emailed Julian last week and was just wondering when I might hear back about this, if at all?

Many thanks,

@EwanTuohy Hi Ewan, there have been a vast number of applications so it’s going to take a while to go through them all…I’m afraid I can’t give you an exact date at the moment. Have you applied or was it just a query? Maybe I can help?

Are you planning on doing the trial only in the UK? I would be super interested, but live in China.The need of different races may be different. Same muscle of Asian or European may need different caloric to excrise. I wish you will consider that factor and try set some affiliated agencies in Asia like Korea or China. At that time, the requirement of location of this job will be satisified and i could sent my information for this job!

@SophieMarketingHuel Hi Sophie, okay not to worry - yes I applied. I look forward to hearing back from you at some point, thanks.

Is the distance factor strict? I live about 100 miles away but have my own car (electric!) and would be more than happy to travel?! I fit all the other requirements perfectly! :slight_smile:

@reintegrated Hi there! thanks for your interest! We ideally would like someone to be quite close to Aylesbury as we would like to do regular weekly medical tests etc, but if you don’t mind travelling then this might be possible.