Capacity of shaker

I want buy huel.

Please, could you tell me the “capacity of shaker”?

I prefer use a bottle(made by alluminium), without “huel logo”.

Do you think the bottle 750ml is enough to mix huel powder?

Thakns in advance

The Huel shaker is 700ml plus the space in the lid.
I think your 750ml bottle would work okay.
You might what to mix it in the shaker, then pour it into your bottle tho, as the shaker has space in the top allowing the powder to mix properly. You get a free shaker in your first order anyway.
I have mixed Huel successfully in a 600ml bottle though. The key is to add 3-400ml water first, then the powder, then shake. Then top up with water and shake again.

If you are only planning on using 100-120g powder (which is what most people use per meal) then you will probably not want more than 600ml water anyway. Lots of people use less water as they prefer it thick. Personally I use 120g powder and 600ml water, which when mixed, fills the shaker to the 700ml mark


Ok, thanks a lot for this good reply.

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