New shaker for Huel: Core150?

Hi Huelers!
If you are like me, you really feel that the Huel’s provided shaker is to small for preparing a 700 Kcal meal (that is 4,5 scoops and 900 ml water).
So, I have (perhaps) found the solution ! It is called Core150, and it’s the only shaker I have found that can contain 1 L of water.
It is here:
See it in action here:
And it is a UK company, just like Huel. :smile:
It is not a very new product, but sorry, I was not aware of all those marvelous things before starting with meal substitute powders…
I will buy it tonight and keep you informed as soon as I receive it! Stay tuned! :electric_plug:


Yes a 1L shaker is a good idea, we have a plan :wink:


I would also like a 1L shaker, as I like to have 1L of Huel for breakfast.


For some time I’ve known about Umoro ( and I love the design. You just press a button and the powder in the top drops into the liquid. Removes opening another container and pouring it in and making a mess while on the move. I was thinking to purchase one for Huel but then realised it wouldn’t be big enough.

I think this would be prefect for Huel if it was made bigger. I’d order a couple in a heartbeat.

Something new about upgrading your shaker? I have also found your shaker too small given that Huel needs more water for mixing than any other powdered food I know. It’s quite a shame when one has to use a shaker from Queal to mix Huel…

Why don’t you just use 2 shakers?

Using two shakers also means cleaning two shakers :slight_smile:

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Any word on the plan Julian?

@KnobblyTwiglet yes sadly the plan failed.


We need Hannibal from The A-Team.

Nah, we need B.A. He’d weld two shakers together to make a super turbo shaker. Sorted.

[edit] Or MacGyver. He could come up with a shaker that shakes itself, pours out your shake & then cleans itself. And he’d only need a couple of paper clips & a rubber band.