Best Shaker bottle

I found this shaker, which conveniently includes a container in the bottom which is able to fit EXACTLY 100g of Huel in it (when you pack it in well):

I’m going to buy a couple more of these, as I think it’s super useful to be able to carry around Huel in exact 100 g amounts, and especially to have it attached to my shaker bottle.

I’m just sharing it here in case any of you also find this useful :slight_smile:

I would certainly be interested to hear your feedback. We have tried several like this and normal they are too big, especially for those with smaller hands. Plus washing up a bit more fiddly, more nooks and crannies.

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I haven’t experienced any problems so far. I have small hands, so I use two hands to shake it, but I do that with the official Huel ones too as they’re too large for me to one handed shake as well.

It comes with two separate containers that stick on the bottom, but they’re both different sizes. The smallest one can jam in exact 100 g of Huel if you stuff it in tight. The second one will fit 100 g of Huel in if you just pour it in without packing and leave a little space.

The smaller container also comes with a pill separator; this is somewhat useless IMO. If you require enough pills to fill that whole container, then you should probably be in a hospital bed somewhere. You could also use it separate nuts and fruits like shown in the image above, but I can’t imagine ever doing that; I’d just stick them all in together.

I’m looking forward to getting more of the little containers so that I can go hiking and not have to fart around measuring out Huel enroute (until now I’ve been using bars from your competitors instead).

The shaker does come with a carabiner clip which I was intending to remove, alas you can’t remove it without snapping it off, so mine will be staying on there. Perhaps I’ll clip it to my backpack at some point, but I doubt it.

I suspect the biggest downside for most people will be the price. I paid €15 for mine.

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I’m looking for something like this but so far I haven’t seen anything that will store 125g comfortably.

It comes with two containers in the bottom. The most bottom one stores over 100 g. I think it would fit 125 g quite easily with a little stuffing.

The Core150 shaker can store 150 g easily.

@ryanhellyer I might have a go at that if I can’t find anything else then.
@Raymondcal I looked at core150 but it stores 150g between 3x50g compartments. One meal split between 3 little tubs would create more hassle for me, I think!
There’s gotta be a perfect way of doing this for me and I am gonna find it sooner or later… :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried it just now, and I did manage to jam exactly 125 g into the larger container. It was a heck of a tight fit though and I did need to spend a minute or two trying to jam it in there.

Interestingly, I only managed to fit 90 g into the smaller of the two containers this time around whereas last time I fitted 100 g into it. I guess I just got lucky last time and it all fell into place, or my last batch of Huel was more dense (unlikely). At any rate, don’t rely on easily being able to fit 100 g into that smaller container.

Thank you! I think I’ll keep looking as I’m seeking something I can chuck Huel into quick without struggling to fit all of it. And anything less than a 125g/500kcal meal is not going to cut it lol.

Please post back here if you find something :slight_smile:

I’m already noticing a problem with this SmartShaker, as I was intending to connect multiple tubs containing 100 g together, but the bottom tub which fits 100 g into it easily, can not be added to. You can multiples of the smaller container in the middle, but not that larger bottom one :confused:

Perhaps there is something else out there which could store 125 g easily, but is not a shaker bottle? A small plastic container which clipped to other containers would be totally okay I think. I don’t really need it attached to my shaker bottle. I just need something convenient and non messy.

Jake, a competitor to Huel fixes this by providing disposable one use packages of their powder, but I don’t think their product is as healthy as Huel. Huel seems interested in saving the planet by reducing package wastage, so maybe disposable packs doesn’t suit their business model so well :confused: I have a bunch of the Jake packs for convenience sakes, but I’m not convinced they’re much healthier than just scoffing down junk food.

At the moment the best idea I have is just mixing one shake in my standard mixer (I have the Huel one but another would do) and then putting one of these in my bag per extra meal I need:

I am pretty sure 400ml would work as my partner has some 400ml sistema tubs, which fit 125g absolutely fine, but the issue with square/rectangular tubs is the opening is too wide and pouring them into the shaker has a lot of potential to be messy. Hence I think little cylindrical tubs would probably pour cleaner. I’m not sure these will be very durable and I’m fairly sure they’re not BPA free or anything though. :confused: I’ll see how they go.

I litterly just got this delivered,

as on another thread something simaler was posted, i had the intention to be able to put other foods in with huel.

no measurements on side on a ‘MAX’ so had to use the huel shaker to get my milk / water to right amount, poured it in, put two scoops of huel in and it was very full, had to push the 3rd scoop in and got powder spillage ugh, hate mess.
finally got it to mix, but once done it was well over the max, i was planning on putting a banana in it for extra flavour.

Think ill just get a bigger blender and just pour int into the huel bottle afterwords :confused: waste of moneys for this purpose.

I’m on my third one of those Russel Hobbs blenders. They’re totally awesome, but you are correct that they’re not ideal if you want to miss large amounts at the same time. They’re more aimed at smoothie drinkers and protein shakes rather than stuff like Huel.

If you find something similar which can handle more volume, please let me know.

I did buy a large Russel Hobbs blender a while ago, but I almost never use it as it is a pain in the butt to clean. The little blender you have is WAYYY easier to clean, you just flush it with water and yer done, or if it’s really messy, you can stick a sponge on a stick down, give it a twirl and it’s all clean. My other one requires complete dismantle to avoid any little bits of food being stuck somewhere and turning gross over time.

EDIT: This is the larger Russel Hobbs blender that I tried to "upgrade to, but hate using. The little one is massively more user friendly.

... ill just get a bigger blender and just pour int into the huel bottle afterwords ...

You will probably not have this issue if you use water instead of milk. Using milk makes it significantly more viscous. With water you can add a ton more Huel into it. I regularly add 100 g of frozen spinach, pineapple and apple along with 100 g of Huel into my little Russel Hobbs mixer with no problems. It’s quite thick, but it definitely blends well. There’s no way I could manage that if I were using milk (cow and almond have the same effect).

I forgot to mention that I’m on my third one, because they do burn out after a while. I used mine at least every second day for a year, then they burn out. So three years in, and I’m on my third one. They’re so cheap and so convenient that I don’t really mind that though.

One sure fire way to burn them out fast, is to try to blend dry ingredients like flaxseeds in them. They’re only good for wet ingredients, otherwise the rotating mechanism overheats and, seals melt and your mixture starts pissing out the bottom :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps this could be a better option for us. It has an extra 150 mL. I’d prefer an extra 400 mL, but 150 mL is better than nothing I guess. 56 Nutri-Multi-Function-different/dp/B019DWKC0I/

I can’t find any other ones which include a simple easy to clean bottle setup with a large bottle. There are larger ones, but they all use a giant jug.

cheers for response,
unfortunately the link is not working for me :frowning:
i use 300ml whole milk and 200ml water, the problem is if that i use all water is that it tastes disgusting, but that is the water itself, i can taste the dreadful water we have here rather then the huel.
it is easy to clean though. also really dont like the lid though :confused: hole is too small, and because drink is thick gotta move it high up which ends up me having a huel nose!!!