Caramel Flavouring

I just wanted to say, the caramel flavouring’s smell is so intense. I have used it once 2 weeks ago and shoved it in the back of my cupboard to try and keep the smell contained. It is so pungent the whole of the kitchen smells sweet ever since I opened it. I will be honest for the amount it smells it doesn’t add much flavour.

Hey Jake, thanks for the message. Sorry to hear you aren’t keen on the caramel flavour, I’ll check in with the quality team to see what’s going on here. We might want you to send it back into us.

I got a sample pack and the minute I opened caramel the room was filled with the aroma. I could smell it in my kitchen hours later! I agree that there isn’t much Flavour despite being so intense. The chocolate Flavour is really nice though and thankfully didn’t have the pungent smell.

I’m enjoying the caramel flavour when mixed in with vanilla Huel. I do however agree with comments about the smell - it had filled our kitchen with an intense sickly sweet smell since first opening the flavour pouch three days ago, which is unpleasant.

ok keep me posted, I have only used it once so its all still there!

I’ve just tried the caramel flavour boost from the sampler pack and I loved it and was eager to order it but I see it’s sold out. Any ideas when it’s back in stock?