Strawberry and caramel are back and we made Mint Chocolate permanent!

Sorry, bit excited this end. After comments that the larger packs of Strawberry and Caramel had a bad aroma we took them out of stock and started work reformulating.

They’re done, we’re happy and we know you will be as well. Thanks for your unfailing patience with our NPD team :blush:, sorry it took so long.

In addition, we loved our limited edition Mint Chocolate Flavour Boost so much and seemingly you did too. So we’ve added Mint Chocolate permanently to our Flavour Boost range as well as adding a mini-sachet to our Flavour Boost sample pack (Rhubarb and Custard has taken a backseat in the sample pouch :frowning_face: I’ll be hosting a Rhubarb and Custard memorial next Tuesday in honour of its memory :+1:)

You can find all of the Flavour Boosts here!




Mint chocolate is far and away my favourite flavour pack so glad it has become permanent. Looking forward to trying again with strawberry and caramel flavours too.

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Is Mint Chocolate sweet on its own? As in will it make a sweet shake even sweeter?

Mint-Chocolate is sweet yes!

ah ok, I won’t be having it then… my taste buds have gone from “yay, sweet, give me more” to “no no no… toooo sweet” - just had my third delivery today and things have changed rapidly over the last 8 weeks…

Try grabbing some Peppermint Essence from the bakery aisle then and adding around 1 cap-full ! That’s what I used to do before Mint-Choc!

That might work and is worth a try.

Thanks for that!