Caramelized cookie (Speculoos / Lotus biscoff) new Powder/Bar flavour

no - I work in the brand deployment business - so the majority of that work involves packaging design, artwork and CGI. It also means I have to know as much as possible about packaging structures, materials, ingredients, allergens, global legislation and regulatory policies etc.

Nearly as tasty as berry huel then.

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trust me - its a different league - you take a Durian into your hotel room you will be charged another days stay because thats how long it takes to clean the smell out of it :slight_smile:

Yeah I saw them in Sri Lanka, but was not really tempted by them. It was only a few years ago and back then no-one in the UK had used jackfruit - which was commonplace there - now you can get in every supermarket here, so maybe Durian next year.

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OMG… tomorrow is the first time that I taste berry huel… Wish me luck

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Haha, it’s not that bad really…just echoing some of the views of others here. It is a bit of a running joke. It’s not my favourite powder flavour (although the Huel Ready to Drink berry is lovely in my opinion.

I tried the RTD berry and liked it… and I guessed powder would be the same…
By the way, don’t try Black Huel with chocolate flavour… it’s terrible.

No the powder is quite different. In fact I think all the RTD flavours are far different in taste to the powders. I’ve not tried Huel black chocolate but I do really like Huel black vanilla.

Black vainilla is good

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Biscoff Powder… dreamy stuff :heart_eyes:

I liked it too :slight_smile: A lot. It’s like berrys with milk.

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I don’t think anyone replied to this bit. You can create a poll when you start new threads.

Hope that helps! And thanks for the speculoos suggestion!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Solyc, I’ve tried durian in some pre-packaged rice pudding thing which contained chunks. The taste was nice, custard-ish, but the smell reminded me of the Spanish Torta del Casar - probably you’ve heard/tried it, and if you haven’t you should ;). I assume the fruit itself must be much worse.

By the way, @Phil_C, ever tried surströmming? How would that compare to durian?

I’ve had pickled Herring - I don’t know if thats the same - but it didn’t make me want to vomit. The smell of Durian alone is enough to trigger my gag reflex. Even driving past a road side stall selling them, I have to hold my breath - as it even permeates into the car. God forbid you’re stuck in a traffic jam on a hot day next to one.

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Another weird addition to my food list XD
Thank you

Haha, I didn’t like it that much myself

I think it is quite nice with choc flavdrops. In fact that’s the only way I drink it. For some reason it actually brings out more if the berry flavour which I didn’t expect

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Have you tried crushed Lotus biscuits sprinkled over ice cream? :yum:

But I find thar the best lotus favour is when you get lots of lotus, mix with milk and blend until you have a semi-solid thing. Then you eat.
Or speculoos cream.

But combining it with anything justo worsens de flavour. Pure speculoos flavour is the perfect thing for me.

Does someone recommends me a good speculoos flavour with no calories for my Huel?
I found some but the shipping to Spain is really expensive, so I don’t want it to be a fail XD
Thank you!