Caramelized cookie (Speculoos / Lotus biscoff) new Powder/Bar flavour

Hello everyone!
Just a suggestion, I would love a powder (or bar) of Caramelized cookies, because I love their flavour. Speculoos in it’s native language. You know, the “Lotus cookies”.

Is there a way to creat a poll?
If you would like to have this flavour avalibale in Powder or Bar, please comment to be heard by the Huel team :slight_smile:


Me too! Bar would be great. As much as I love the taste, I don’t know if the powder would be too much??? Something to think about anyway … maybe as a RTD :smile:

I see a vegan version of Horlicks has just been launched. I used to quite like it as a kid, and that malty flavour would be lovely in the powder or RTD.


I actually add something similar sometimes John - not Horlicks but a local equivalent - I mix a cup up of it and let it cool before using it to replace the equivalent amount of water in the shake - makes a really nice drink.

I have been making my own veganised version of Horlicks for years with a couple of teaspoons of malt extract in oat milk, but I do find it quite heavy to drink…I’m not sure if there is a lo-carb/calorie version

I didn’t thought that the powder could be too much and monotonous… But maybe you are right. IDK.
I used to get lots of speculoos and milk in a blander until it gets semi-solid and I loved that. Also, I love lotus speculoos cream.
But now I onlyeat those products once a year for health XD Just 1 jar of speculoos cream for december :stuck_out_tongue:

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What’s Horlicks? Never tried.
Does it tastes like speculoos?

a malted milk drink - like Cola Cao but not chocolate flavoured I guess if that makes sense

Ah. I understand.
Some day I’ll taste that. Not sold in spain xD 10€ on amazon for 500gr lol. Too expensive

I didnt know that People knew ColaCao outside of Spain, only Nesquik.

I didnt know Horlicks, but seems a very interesting thing to try or make it homemade.

The commercial alternative in spain for me seems Iko from Nestlé, but its not worth it.

Eko? I kind of like it.
I didn’t knew either that people knew Cola Cao outside Spain xD

“People” don’t, but Phil is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Food and Drink Industry. He probably knows what you had for lunch.


@Phil_C Recommend me some weird tasty thing!

You could use flavour drops to get this…some brands offer a variety of choices…

I didn’t until a couple of years back when one of our staff (who was Spanish/Columbian) was working on some artwork for a malted milk drink and asked what it was. When I explained he said oh its a boring Cola Cao so then I had to look it up :slight_smile:

probably the nicest thing anyone has said about me in a while :slight_smile: but yes when you work in the business for 35 years you tend to absorb a lot - and not always in a good way.

Durian - but that’s not so much a recommendation but an advisory to avoid at all costs because nothing tastes weirder.

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Hahaha. Now I must taste it.
I’ve heard about that and I saw it in vietnam, but never tasted it because I didn’t knew it enough to know it was really weird.

I didn’t thought about that. I’ll give it a try.
I juest searched for some speculoos flavours and I’m trying to sort the best one.

It’s covered in spikes, it really messes with your internal body temperature, its barred from hotels, public transport and taxis (financial penalties are involved), its smell is described as being from blue cheese that’s been left out in the Sun to a decomposing corpse. Oh and if you drink alcohol with it – it can cause intoxication, headache, vomiting, heart palpitations, nausea, low blood pressure and even occasionally, death.

So, basically, everything about it screams Don’t Eat Me – and yet many people do – even describing it as the King of Fruits.

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Hahaha, I didn’t knew those effects.

By the way, Phil.
If you have been 35 years in the business, do you have a restaruant or something?
Tell me and if I travel where it is, I will pay a visit to eat there with my wife :slight_smile:
Gastronomic tourism is our favourite kind of tourism :laughing: