Chai Tea + Huel = NOMS

I’m not much of a coffee person (or a tea drinker, really. I’m American…we don’t get taught proper warm drink etiquette), so in seeing the number of people mixing with Coffee I thought I’d give a try to my one warm beverage preference: chai.

Boil 400-450ml and steep chai teabag for longer than usual (I use a tea pot, leave it about 10-15 minutes). I’m also using teapigs Chai. This also gives it a bit of time to cool from boiling as I’m not sure how the hot water will affect the nutrients of Huel.

Pour tea into shaker, sometimes I add a wee bit of brown sugar and a dash of cinnamon, and then mix in 100g Huel as usual.

Great, warming breakfast with a bit of the caffeine kick that can be nice in the morning.

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Interesting idea.

Yes, let the water cool a bit is sensible

Older post but great idea, think I’ll try with a raspberry rooibos infusion.

Mmmm. Going to try that for breakfast tomorrow. Already made a batch with cocoa powder so I guess it’ll be a Mocha Chai. Can’t wait!

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How was it with rooibos?

Absolutely lush.

As was
Strawberry & Cream (Ringtons)
Bakewell (Quilliam Brothers)
Ginger Green (Bari Tea)

so many more to work through…