Anyone tried Rooibos instead of water?

Just curious if anyone has tried a rooibos (redbush) tea infusion as an alternative to water and whether it worked out? Might try!

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Given that tea is essentially water with a bag dumped in it, it’s still water. You could stick a cup of coffee in it, as long as you’ve used the same amount of water as you’d normally use.

Just make sure the tea/coffee has cooled before you put it in otherwise you could risk breaking down the nutrients in the Huel.

I was referring more to how the taste of rooibos goes with Huel as an alternative to plain tap water…I didn’t think I needed to state that! :wink:

It could go well with the vanilla because Rooibos tea often comes flavoured with vanilla.

My fave method of flavouring is to splosh in a dash of Monin caramel coffee syrup in before zazzing it all up in the blender. It’s not coffee flavour, but you can buy it in Sainsbury’s and it lives in the coffee aisle, it’s the same stuff they use in posh high-street coffee shops.

I’ve tried with several different concentrated infused teas. Rooibos works well, I particularly like raspberry, Ginger Green, but black smoked teas such as Russian Caravan didn’t (for me)

Stella put a smile on my face…

I add a teapoon of decaff coffee into each 500 cal bottle. No issues.

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