Huel and regular tea takes the edge off Vanilla

I am loving Huel but find the Vanilla flavouring a tad artificially sweet. On a whim added some tea bags to it-cold- and all I can say is that it works wonders in dulling the cloying sweetnes and giving it “body” as a wine snob might say. Anyone else done this?

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Um… how? I’m picturing tossing Tetley’s bags (string and all?) into the blender? Probably not what you meant…

I don’t yet use a blender being a student, haven’t had time to pick up a cheap one, but manage a pretty good I consistancy with fork and shake. I tend to fill half the shaker and put three teabags in to make “ice tea”, stew, take them out, add Huel and then stir shake etc… refreshing any time of the day.

You’ll find a lot of threads on here about pre brewing all sorts of herbal/fruit/green teas as the base for your shake. My personal fav is Chai tea