Cheap blender recommendation - £10 fab!

I wanted to share my blending experience as my first huel shaken made me want to vomit because it was so lumpy and watery. Started to panic that I’d need a posh blender or nutribullet which is great and all but a dramatic change to your diet can seem risky especially after adding be an expensive bit of equipment.

The solution? Wilko’s hand held blender £10 and left over from my uni days. It is the perfect height to blend directly inside the huel bottle and makes a lovely smooth texture. I’ve also used it to blend frozen fruit, if I’m fridging it overnight I sometimes use warmer water to thaw the fruit but it’s not necessary.

This works for 500ml water 3scoops huel. You can add probably 2 handfuls of ingredients before it spills - so if you really want to step up and make huel recipes instead of just a blast of flavor then a real blender would be your next stop.

Hope this helps anyone looking to make the plunge on a budget!1529347943701547619516


What a bargain!
It won’t take up as much space as a Nutribullet either…
Thanks for sharing.:blush:

Picked up something almost identical from Argos for the same money. Gets used all the time. £10 VERY well spent.

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