Chocolate and Banana (Choc-nana) Anyone else tried it?

Tried the new Banana Huel and gotta say I wasn’t keen on it by itself. Forgot to amend my subscription and was sent some more.

I really like the chocolate flavour Huel and could easily drink that one every day, so to use up the Banana Huel I decided to mix them (1 scoop Banana and 2 scoops Chocolate) and it’s spot on and a good way of using up the Banana, while getting the hit of Chocolate.

Anyone else tried this? If your not keen on the Banana Huel it’s a good way to use it up. J


Yes, I’ve tried it and it’s awesome, but the reason I came here to reply is to correct you on an important point…

The correct term is “Banocolate” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You’re both wrong it’s “chocanana”

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I can’t even pronounce banocolate @Tangotango !!!

I also mixed banana with toffee flavour (now not availible). I’m a banoffee fan.