Chocolate Premixed Huel

I’ve taken a fairly long break from Huel but seeing the chocolate one advertised was the final push I needed to get back on it.

I was really excited when it arrived. However, I’m halfway through my first shake and it’s really not very nice, or anything like chocolate. It’s going to take some doing to get through this. Definite buyers remorse.

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Totally agree @Dan
I think we need to campaign for a better version :laughing:

If you want awesome chocolate Huel try Unflavoured unsweetened with raw cacao -it’s dark, bitter, intense and delicious.
If you prefer it creamy try it with milk or try the original powder with the chocolate flavour boost.

The cacao and chocolate flavour boosts are very good. The premix is not good…

Got my mitts on some chocolate premix.

Initial thoughts when drinking it immediately - tastes like salted caramel mixed with melted butter/margarine.

Thoughts after leaving it in the fridge for a few hours - it tastes the same, maybe a bit colder. The after taste is the same as when I once tried vegan Mac n Cheese.

Can’t complain though, nutrition first is the name of the game. Besides I’ll be deploying my trusty cocoa and coconut dream team additions to yum this up.

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It’s a real shame because I quite like both of the chocolate flavour boosts. Was also a big fan of the banana (sometimes mixed with the chocolate), the choc mint and the pineapple and coconut.

The problem is I no longer have those pouches, so I thought buying the chocolate pre-mixed would solve that problem. No such luck.

:flushed: :woozy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: hahahaha

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@AppleJuice @Dan


[quote=“AppleJuice, post:47, topic:13397”] the
after taste is the same as when I once tried vegan Mac n Cheese.

You need a better recipe…I make a vegan mac and cheese and my friends can’t believe it isn’t the real dairy based thing…main ingredients are carrots onions and cashew nuts.


I’d like that! I use cashews in my soups to add creaminess. The one I had was at a well known vegan fast food place in Manchester where everything is delicious, but the mac n cheese had an after taste.

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Just ordered a bag, here goes nothin’…hello vegan mac&cheese aftertaste!


I hope it tastes good to you, fingers crossed!

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Hahaha amazing


Hope you enjoy it :yum: I’ve never tried vegan mac and cheese but I don’t have any sort of strange or unpleasant aftertaste from choc premix.

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I’ve put fresh coffee in it today, tastes better but I still get the buttery after taste. Funny how we all taste different things, I’m happy with the nutritional profile and will merrily work my way through the rest of this bag.

Yes, fascinating :thinking:


Hey all, thanks so much for all the feedback on our Chocolate Huel Powder. Really useful for us! We don’t sit still for long and are always looking to improve all our products. :raised_hands: As you’ve seen, members of all teams, particularly the product development team monitor the forum and read and engage with your comments so you can know that the feedback is read and taken into account :blush:


Just got mine yesterday. It kinda smells of Ovaltine when I opened the bag (which I quite like). Tastes ok, might alternate between this and Vanilla each month. Going to add dried coconut to try make a Bounty bar this morning :yum:


How was it? Oh I see you probably haven’t done it yet.

It’s heeeeeeere!! :partying_face:
First thought after opening the bag: …this doesn’t smell like chocolate.
a few sniffs later
Kind of like…wheatgrass…? Or like, the smell of a freshly mowed lawn. Fingers crossed it doesn’t taste like it too :crossed_fingers:


LOL :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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In desperation, I tried leaving the huel in the fridge, which is something I’ve never felt the need to do. It doesn’t change the flavour.