Chocolate Premixed Huel

How was it? Oh I see you probably haven’t done it yet.

It’s heeeeeeere!! :partying_face:
First thought after opening the bag: …this doesn’t smell like chocolate.
a few sniffs later
Kind of like…wheatgrass…? Or like, the smell of a freshly mowed lawn. Fingers crossed it doesn’t taste like it too :crossed_fingers:


LOL :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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In desperation, I tried leaving the huel in the fridge, which is something I’ve never felt the need to do. It doesn’t change the flavour.

@Dan adding raw cacao or Mint-Choc or Mocha flavour boost does improve it quite a bit. You could try that.

Has anyone tried adding instant coffee to it? I might try that tomorrow, I reckon it could be quite nice

I used real coffee, defo makes an improvement

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@hunzas It was ok. Used 15g coconut :coconut: 500ml water :droplet: and 3 scoops. Would have again, but I also like it just with water. Will have to try with milk next, guess that’ll make it richer.

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Spring, the taste… err… smell of a freshly mowed lawn.

I made my chocolate Huel with 2 tsp of instant coffee (3 scoops Huel and 700ml water but that’s because I like it thin).
It’s been refridgerated overnight, and it’s really nice this morning - kinda like a toffee mocha. I reckon @jeffy89 would like it.
It’s possibly actually nicer than vanilla plus coffee…?

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Which brand of coffee do you use?

I use Nescafé Espresso if I want caffeine, or Gold Blend Decaf if I don’t.

I actually brew my own fresh coffee from beans if I want to drink it, but the instant works really well in Huel (might actually be you @hunzas that told me that!)

Lots of people have suggested Millicano for instant coffee but I much prefer the Nescafé espresso personally. And it’s a fine powder and intense arabica flavour which works really well in Huel.

I use either Kenco Millicano or Nescafe Azera Espresso as a rule, but have also used L’Or Classique and Asda Extra Special Colombian. All taste good. I also like Huel Coffee premix as it is. With or without plant milk.

M&S Gold works for me.

I still haven’t tried coffee Huel yet !
I find instant coffee in uu / vanilla / Original (and now chocolate) works so well, i haven’t needed to try the coffee version.
I am curious tho!

Yes, I use Millicano, which was the suggestion of @Julian back in the day. Like you I don’t normally drink instant coffee, I grind my own beans and have a variety of ways to brew it, but I don’t really like brewed coffee in Huel, not sure why.

I don’t actually buy Nescafe products for ethical reasons, in the same way I won’t ever buy a McDonalds even when their vegan menu launches…maybe it has already, Unilever or Procter and Gamble.

I’ll be annoyed when Huel sells out to a stinking multinational.


I have a filter coffee machine, coffee grinder and various cafetieres I can brew ground coffee in but am always searching for a brand of coffee beans I really like. It’s also a bit of a faff so I end up reaching for the instant.
I used to buy Percol Colombian instant which I liked. Might try it again.

I am not really a coffee snob. I like Lavazza beans, and some of the Grumpy Mule ones. Some of the Aldi ones, despite being quite cheap, are really nice.

This place, nearish to me has some great ones, they do mail order as well:

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The Percol Barista Gold one is nice.

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Thanks @hunzas My brother gets his from Aldi. Can’t remember which one it is though, must ask him.

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We’ve got a couple of roasteries in Norwich - have you heard of