Complete Protein, perfect except

First of all, thank you for highlighting mustard in your ingredients list. It’s not a huge irritant for my gut but it helps to know it’s there.
However, turmeric and friends are out of the question for me. So why, why, whyyyyyyy is there turmeric in your Complete Protein? (I’m feeling whiny–quarantine sucks but at least with Huel in my cabinet I’m not starving). My favorite whey concoction is sold out and I was ready to try Huel’s protein, but now I can’t.
Thank you for listening to me whine. :melting_face:

that was answered on the product launch thread and information page here.

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That’s just my messed up digestive system. Turmeric/curcumin are in fact anti-inflammatories, but so is aspirin. And to me swallowing the former is a bit like crushing up an aspirin and swallowing it.

Thank you Phil! Sorery that turmeric isn’t the one for you Barbara. We want our protein powder to be more than just protein, so you’ll find a few more exciting ingredients in there that research shows have some benefits. But it’s not in any of our other products!

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Sorry to hear that it affects your digestive system - have you checked if other food stuff could be causing problems?
I find herbs and spices essential benefit to the digestive system and especially turmeric. Only a little bit is required and well known to have beneficial properties that benefit skin, hair, body that other food stuff doesn’t have.

Aspirin is not food but a drug (unlike Turmeric). Aspirin has side effects, however if you Google ways to avoid some of the side-effects, there are some very good advice.

Absolutely, 100%, got the receipts, sure that it’s the turmeric family my digestion can’t tolerate. My mucosal lining is deficient, so I’m happy that I can eat spices at all. Tabasco, not a problem with enough water to chase it. Garlic, a touch of heartburn, worth it. Mustard, worse heartburn but usually worth it. The ginger family, including turmeric and curcumin? Also curry and ginseng? Burns all the way down and out the other end, and the burns make it impossible to eat solid food for days afterwards. NOT worth it.
The parts that make spices so flavorful to the tongue make them irritating for me downstream. Aspirin irritates downstream because it is a very strong acid, which is why I was comparing them. I don’t see drug vs herb a useful distinction in this situation.

I’ve lived with this for decades and seen many doctors–I know what I’m talking about.

@Tim_Huel no foul, and I hope it sells well for you. Just means I have to find a locally sourced whey for myself.