Huel Black Curcumin

Hi! I haven’t posted in a while but I’ve been maintaining my Huel intake (it’s almost been two years since I started, wow. I know it’s not much time compared to some but it’s odd for me to be this consistent with anything :yum:). Anyways, so I was rereading the nutritional profiles and I noticed on the Huel Complete Protein, curcumin is listed as an ingredient ( The Huel Complete Protein Formula Explained )

But nothing of any nature is mentioned on the Huel Black Edition nutrition page, so I was wondering if there’s any particular reason for the exclusion of this ingredient in the Black edition versus Complete edition.

I’m likely going to start adding some turmeric and black pepper to my pasta to reap the anti-inflammatory benefits of the curcumin so I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t any negative reason for its exclusion in the Huel product I use.

Any help is appreciated, thank you my fellow Hueligans! :heart:

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Hey Lucas, good spot.

Only Complete Protein contains curcumin and piperine because most of the main ingredients don’t contain beneficial compounds such as phytonutrients whereas the ingredients in Black Edition do. It’s a balance of complete nutrition, cost and fitting in the right amount of each ingredient within the serving size.

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Oh I see! Okay, thank you Dan! :blush: