Could we have a proper recipie section, not just the forum?

it would be nice if we had a searchable recipe section rather than just this bit in the forum. Want to start trying several but its all a bit rubbish at looking for them.

There is a cooking and recipes section on the main website under the about menu.

there is, oh i see it, but it wasnt clear to find and its, well, not very good. Thanks for pointing it out though, hopefully it may evolve into something more akin the sort of recipe sites supermarkets offer

Hey Mark,

It’s a fair point to be honest. It is relatively out of sight, so to speak.

I’d like to see more savoury dishes, as most on there seem to be desert based. Having said that, I think it’s only natural as it’s easier to think of let’s say, Huel protein brownies than it is to think of Huel powder as a flour in a recipe. What’s more, how much to incorporate Huel into let’s say, the classic Butternut Squash Pizza – Huel :eyes:

Is there anybody on here that has put together a list of savoury recipes or what like to share here??

It wouldn’t hurt to give the cooking section its own heading on the website. I know it’s not the primary use case of Huel, but it does somewhat feel like it has been lumped in the about section along with everything else there because it didn’t have anywhere else to go.

Just checking you have spotted the page numbers, so there are 8 pages of recipes.

As Coup has said you can find it right here. But would love to see this section ggiven more light, but yes most people don’t use Huel for recipes, so it’s best to have other information more accessible.

I would love to hear which recipe pages you’ve seen which you really like/think would work for Huel. Is it the layout you think isn’t very good, or the selection of recipes?

Out of interest to everyone else. Do you actually bake with Huel? Or would more smoothie inspiration be useful? Harrry you’ve said you’d like to see more savoury recipes, is that because you would like to cook more savoury recipes or you just think others would like them?

My own four pennorth fwiw. As I use Huel as a nutritionally balanced meal which saves me time and effort, I am not inclined to start cooking/baking with it. Good luck to those who do but not for me, thanks all the same :+1:

Edit: apart from adding steamed veg to H&S to bulk it out if I feel mega hungry and don’t want too many extra calories.

im mostly interested in the savoury, basically im a lazy cook, and having huel in there means i can be more confident of its nutritional content, so recipes like this would be good to see more of

I don’t use Huel for cooking and would still like some baking recipes for those lazy Sunday afternoons where I do want to bake and could sub Huel for some less healthy ingredients (like flour)

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Cookie recipe worked out just fine for me :yum:

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