Bulking up Huel Hot & Savory Tomato & Basil

Just tried the following and OMG it tasted amazing

2 scoops Huel H&S tomato and herb
1 tin chopped tomatoes
1 red pepper
1 medium onion
Chilli flakes
Worcestershire sauce

Deffo one to have again and according to my fitness pal it worked out to just under 600 calories and I am stuffed


the onion and garlic were raw, right?

I fried the garlic, peppers and onion using avocado spray oil it’s only 1 calorie per spray

This sounds good! I can imagine it ending up a little like Bolognese. A whole tin of toms, that’s a fair amount, must have had it in a big bowl!!

It did very much taste like that and indeed it was a big bowl but it kept me full for the rest of the day and the calorie intake was still low.

So everyone’s a winner

Thanks for the inspiration Murphy, I did something similar but without onions and with some chilli flakes. I wasn’t aware a can of chopped tomatoes was only 47 calories.

I’m a big bloke and a whole can was quite a lot, think I could get away with half a can next time but it def fills you up.

Think I’ll be experimenting with the tomatoes a bit more, perhaps adding other flavours like chilli con carni mix.