Any lists of recipes aggregated in a single location?

I’ve not been real happy with the way recipes are listed in this forum. It’s just hard to find things in a nice compact fashion where one can peruse titles, descriptions and such in order to find desirable options. Are there any sites dedicated to Huel recipe lists so far, perhaps with a voting mechanism to find the most popular items?

If there’s not one, how much interest is there in such a beast? I’m a new Huel user and I think I’m going to go nuts (or give up) without such a solution… I just might build one if nothing’s out there yet.


Hiii, fully agree. It would be nice to have a sticky topic dedicated to recipes at the least. Maybe one for savoury and one for sweet recipes. There is a section of the site which isn’t obvious to get to - Would be nice to have some kind of more interactive site that allows everyone to post recipes and vote on them as well :+1::+1:


I agree. I had to search Google in order to find the quickbread recipe but organising the space we be a welcome addition to the site, imo!

Yes I would love that!!

I don’t have experience working on websites at all, but I can happily learn and help!

I am thinking we could select one of the biggie recipe sites where cooks have names and post many recipes of their own and start posting Huel recipes there under one name (Huel Recipe Group… or something - we could clearly post Huel Group’s password here), There would be no software creation to contend with and also it might help others to gain an interest in Huel. And Huel could give all of us a nice discount as a thank-you…


That’s a great idea as it’s quite frustrating trying to find this information. I’m a new Huel user so still finding my way around this forum. There seems to be some good content mostly but I think what your suggesting would definitely be a great help.

I think it would be really nice too!
Maybe an admin should stick a thread up here and keep it moderated just to write in it well written recipes!

Hey all,

I agree with you, the recipes are difficult to find and lots of them float somewhere on the forum.

Since I do know a thing or two about websites I made one for this purpose:

I want to gather all recipes I can find and add them to this site. This is NOT an official Huel site and I’m hoping very much I don’t get sued :wink:

If you want your recipe on this site, send me a title, ingredients list and if possible a picture and i’ll add it.


I see I haven’t posted in this thread but is this not the sort of thing you want and very similar to the site you’ve very kindly created, @anon52829317? It’s pretty easy to find, you just go to the website, click the top nav and go to Recipes. The only way it could be easier is if it was on the homepage.

There are lots of threads, but the main one is here:

I don’t want to moderate every post that goes up as it would take a fair bit of time and is also a little controlling! That’s what the Recipe’s pages are for.

This would be super cool though thanks for the suggestion!