No 'recipes' category?

A recipes category seems like a good idea, I think.

This isn’t really a recipe, but it is nice:

1 scoop Huel
1 scoop (different size scoop, the one that comes with it) pea protein isolate
12 drops Myprotein toffee flavour drops (it says use 7-10 on the bottle - do not believe their lies!)
220ml milk
220ml water

whizzed up in a promixx 2.0 and left in fridge for a few mins (I’m sure blending will work just as well but it was nice to have a less smooth texture).

Mmm - lovely after lifting some heavy things. :sunglasses:

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Great idea, thank you @Humperdink

I’ve just created a recipes category and yours is the first post :slight_smile:



And it’s purple too - my favourite colour. :sunglasses:


ahem Recipe book ahem

Cheers - I have subscribed (as well as editing my “recipe” above - it was toffee flavour drops - not chocolate.