Covid anosmia - very annoying!

This isn’t a complaint aimed at the Huel team, of course! :slight_smile:

I’ve just received my order of the new H&S flavours chickn and mushroom, and cajun - very excited to try them!

Unfortunately, I’m on day six of a Covid infection and my sense of smell is pretty much gone, so much so that despite even sticking my head almost all the way into the cajun H&S bag, I can’t smell anything.

It certainly looks like it will taste good once my sense of smell comes back, though… :grin:

Anyway, whinge over. Thank you for reading!

/Al :smiley:

Awwww get well soon Alex! I totally feel you, anosmia made me so glad for Huel since food got so boring…and was also the perfect time to use up the flavours I didn’t like as much :laughing:


Ah noooo, this sucks Alex. Sorry to hear you’ve got covid. Maybe hold off on your lovely new Huel until it comes back? Would hate for you to not get the flavour experience. Although, you would of course still get all the goodness!

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Hope it comes back faster than mine. I had covid in the summer and Im only now getting a sense of taste/smell back - Strong smells & flavours come through but everything else is …lacking ; (

Good luck!

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I have developed parosmia and phantosmia. I can only tolerate very bland or very strong flavours. I have conducted some theoretical readings on anosmia and related conditions and smell may take an average of 12 months but some say upto 15 months.

Thank you, ooboo. My sense of smell is coming back today - I’ve just enjoyed home-made hash browns and a glass of wine. Looking forward to posh plant-based burgers and one of the new H&S Huels tomorrow ;o)

Cheers Tim, loving your thinking here ;o) Smell’s coming back today and my lateral flow test T line is less-prominent so hopefully tomorrow or the next day I should be 'rona-free.

Cheers - A

I’m ever so sorry to hear that, bud - I’m grateful it seems my sense of smell is on the mend, and I’m glad yours is returning too, albeit more-slowly. Hoping you make a full recovery!

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