Craving salt

All of my Huel shakes are really sweet. I’ve noticed I get cravings for salty stuff through out the day.

Does anyone else has this? And what do you do about it?

I’ve always been the type that eats chips with chocolate at the same time :see_no_evil: and now I have noticed that the sweeter my shake is the more salt I want :sob:

I often make a hot drink of marmite or similar.

Using miso or marmite or salted peanut butter to flavour Huel works well.
And if you like salted caramel, putting a tiny pinch of rock or sea salt in your caramel Huel is delicious :yum: and cacao powder in there too… even better!

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Bacon sandwich every few days keeps the cravings away for me!

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Sounds delicious :yum:

Those are some good options! Thanks!

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I actually find Huel too salty, but I use U/U

I don’t find Huel tastes salty, nor does it make me crave salt. Interesting how there are so many variations in the way food tastes to us as individuals.

I don’t think Huel is salty at all but I have Original Vanilla. My cravings could also come from being pregnant of course.

There just not a lot of recipes for salty shakes and I don’t measure my flavour boosts. Sometimes I put too much in it and it get’s disgustingly sweet…

I got that after a while. I just put a tiny pinch of salt in each shake, that sorted it.


When I’m craving something salty i make a kinda thick U/U Huel + water shake (125g huel /350g water) pour it in a glass or bowl and then add some good tamari soy sauce and a few drops of chili sauce (the chili sauce is only made out of chilis and some sort of vinegar). So it’s basically the plain U/U huel with tamari and chili swirls…

But i need to say that i really like the U/U huel plain, so i do not need something to overpower the earthy/oatmealy flavour - that’s why i add the sauce after the shake and swirl it in rather than shake it together. it also makes it a bit more interesting flavour wise when every spoonfull has bit of a different flavour balance because of the swirls haha

I had this with cold and warm water which is both good, but the conistency changes a bit when using warm water. It was a bit thicker i think