Cronometer nutrition tracker

Found an online and iPhone app (android users will have to check) yesterday called Cronometer ( So far, it’s the best nutrition tracking and count calories app I’ve ever used - and I’ve tried many! Highly recommend, and it even has all Huel powder, granola and bars listed as ingredients.

I’m currently using the free version, and was wondering if anyone has used the paid ‘Gold’ version and can convince me to invest?

With only 9 ratings on the App Store and not all good …
I wonder if this is a sneaky advert ?

Joined 13 minutes ago and first and only post is an advert ???

Have to admit, I’ve only used the online version for a few days - so will flag in the future if it turns out not to be useful. Just a heads up for people who aren’t a fan of myfitnesspal :slight_smile:

While we’re on the topic, what are your favourite resources? Is there forum posts on this topic already?

Hi Lauren
Must admit I’m not a fan of these tracker apps (some others however these are a daily routine!)
I eat when my body needs it … and my mind is good enough to track my intake …
after 50+ years of not tracking every item of food, I seem to be doing ok

Nothing against your idea and posts … but it was a bit unusual for a first post, there was a blatant one yesterday morning for ‘back pain’ … and most people ask about flavours / how many scoops etc etc
Hope the counter works for you !


Hey :slight_smile: Thanks for the replies. I don’t use apps either, so thought I’d see what the hype was about and try out a few. So far, it’s interesting but doesn’t seem worth it long-term.
Been lurking on the forum for a while now, and after testing out this tracker thought it might interest a few people on here as an alternative - first thing I found to post about that’s all hahaha

It’s only really useful if you have a need to track your exact macronutritional and caloric intake.

For a lot of people, that’s to stop them overeating while they try and lose weight.

For others, it’s to help them gain weight and get an idea of how little they actually eat in a day. Ever met one of those people who claim “They eat so much but NEVER gain weight”? Yup, turns out they just think a small meal is actually a huge meal.

For me tracking is essential to gym progression. Knowing exactly how many calories I’m eating and how much of that is protein and carbs is essential. It also stops me eating huge amounts of food and becoming a fatty again. :frowning:

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Sorry I flagged this before any replies were made as it looked like spam. I’m not sure how I can withdraw it


Oh yes, I just never thought them more useful than a spreadsheet hahaha. I can see the issue of under-eating while on Huel though - it certainly fills you up!
Do you use tracking apps for inputting exercise etc too? Are they accurate? Have they helped with weight gain?

Hahaha it’s no bother Squizzle, people seem to be finding it :slight_smile:


To be fair I think a few people either did or nearly did. I was about to then lauren responded. I don’t think you need worry as the hidden content is still accessible & as soon as Tim wakes up & climbs out of the Huel packaging I imagine he sleeps under in the warehouse, he or another minion will remove the flag.


Nope, never bother with that. Only thing I’ll do is give myself an extra 750 calories every Sunday when I run my 10k. For weights, the calorie burn is pretty trivial. It’s also hard to estimate calorie burn, that’s why I never bother with Fitbit etc.

Huel works great for weight gain and weight loss in my experience. The exact caloric value per scoop is super useful.

Ah that’s good to know - thanks for your thoughts :slight_smile:
How do you use Huel while running? Staggering meal-type shakes, or drinking throughout the run?

I don’t need to worry about that, 10k only takes an hour or so :slight_smile: I’ll typically run fasted and then enjoy a jumbo shake afterwards. If I try and run on a full stomach it’s stitch galore.

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I second chronometer, it’s the only thing I’ve found that properly calculates Carbs the way they should be, aka without fibre in the calculations.

It’s saved many headaches!

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Are you saying I’m a minion?


This is very accurate.