Dad Bod

Right then.

Ten years of sitting at a desk and eating what I want with only the occasional exertion has resulted in me becoming the poster boy for the Dad Bod. It was compounded with a recent work trip to the States when I decided I would consume as much of the local burgers and beer as I was able to resulting in me hitting the heaviest I’ve ever been and resembling a snake that ate a meal three days ago.

My wife says I’m “skinny from my chest up”.

My 20 something body was more forgiving but now my late 30s body has made it very clear that every beer and cake is going to hang around like an unwanted squatter. Indeed my paunch is now affectionately known as Little Rich.

Well Little Rich. Your days a numbered.

Huel ordered, gym joined, and friends and family notified that under no conditions should they offer me cake.

Started on Monday and now, Friday I’m 4lbs down.




Great idea on getting the family on board. I wish I could get mine on board, always offering me what I shouldn’t have lol


Here we go, now that’s motivation if I’ve ever seen it! Good luck, you’ll smash it. If you need any advice on using Huel for weight loss then we have a Guide to Weight Loss here. Let us know what the plan is if you want to and we can give our best advice if it is required :fist:

Also, huzzah is an exclamation that needs to be used far more than it currently is. Let’s bring it back @Richcat!



One week in.

I’m having three scoops of Huel for breakfast with a shot of coffee and three for lunch. Maybe a banana in the afternoon if I’m having a late dinner. Dinner has been chicken or steak with some veg. Saturday night we went for Tapas which was a good option as it meant I could avoid some bad stuff and just pick the healther options.

Weighed myself this morning.

5lbs down in a week.

I have felt hungry particularly in the afternoons if there is a long gap between lunch and dinner but Little Rich is beginning to recede.


I am now at two weeks of having Huel for breakfast and lunch and have noticed a few things.

Firstly my weight loss has slowed which is probably a good thing. 5lbs in my first week and now 7lbs overall which I’m very happy with. My gym routine has taken a hit due to our two children deciding that 7pm is no longer bedtime but will now be known as tantrum dance party time. Also I’ve had a couple of nights when my weekday evening meals have been less healthy than intended and accompanied by a few glasses of wine.

Secondly I have way more energy throughout the day. I put that down to no post binge lull or sugar crashes.

Thirdly a friend who I see most weeks said that I looked thinner and healthier. They say is takes four weeks for you to notice a change in your body and eight weeks for others to. Well by that ratio Huel is a winner.


You’re the real winner @Richcat!

Well done. Keep it up!

…or loser :stuck_out_tongue:

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Keep it up!

If you start to get bored, try adding spices to the Vanilla Huel like cinnamon or nutmeg or ginger. I find that helps a lot.

Sounds like a great start! Keep it up, Rich.