Damaged bag

Has anyone ever received a damaged bag of Huel? I received my order today and one of bags was slightly ripped/pierced so that some of the contents was leaking out. Is it safe to consume still? I’m sure it was just an accident during shipping but I’m worried now it could be contaminated with something or spoiled depending on how long it’s been open to the air for.

I don’t know anything about the process huel goes though and i hope someone with more expertise comments.

That being said my first thought that this would no longer be safe to consume as anything could have got in the bag. Especially due to the amount of places your package will have been stored before delivery. Also the rip might have been due to an animal where the bags are stored definitely do not eat this if the rip has jagged edges which would signify an animal chewing.

Hi Blobbymatt, thanks for the advice. I hadn’t really thought of the possibility that it could be from an animal chewing through the bag but it certainly could be. I was in two minds about whether I should just ignore it and drink the Huel anyway or throw it out but it’s not really worth the risk. I have contacted Huel support and they will send me a replacement bag. Thanks.


Hey there, so sorry to hear about the state your pouch arrived in. This is extremely rare but can happen, essentially the pouch has burst during transit from being dropped. No rodents here as it wouldn’t have been shipped with a burst pouch, it would have happened between the fulfilment centre and your delivery address :mouse:.

For anyone else that this happens to please fire across an email to team@huel.com with a photo of the damage (this is useful as it shows us where weaknesses in the pouch lie), as well as your order details and the team will sort out a replacement for you.

Sorry again for delaying your Huel experience, but we’ll get it sorted.

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Thank you Tim. I’ve contacted the support team and they dealt with it quickly and easily. Replacement bag is on the way.