Return question

I ordered some huel when i opened the box the bottom corner of one the bags was split open i dont think i did anything to cause that would i be ok to return it for a another one? If so do i just tape the bag and put it back in the box to send off or… How does it work?

Edit: also unrelated question i want one of the bigger scoops but i can’t buy one on the website i have have two of the old smaller ones

it looks like you dont send it back - just provide the details for a replacement

the scoops appear in the ’ Try more of the Huel range’ options when ordering.

Thank you :grin:

Phil is absolutely correct there! No need to return the pouch to us. Please send us am email or reach out on our social channels and we would be more than happy to send out a replacement pouch for you.

Our pouches can sometimes split in transit and we do apologise about this.

We can also arrange for these to be sent out alongside your replacement pouch :slightly_smiling_face:

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