Dark lumps in Black - maybe Tony's?

Really enjoying the v1.2 of Black Edition: Banana seems stronger in flavour, really a big hit of flavour; Salted Caramel seems less sweet. Both good.

But I’m noticing brown lumps in the SC - bit alarmed at first but glad it’s lumps of powder and not anything solid.

On tasting it seems to be very bitter chocolate. Is this the change to Tony’s? Anyone else got lumps?

They’ve let Tony the tiger shit in the Huel?. That’s not greeeaaaaaat!


They look more like rabbit droppings, but pretty sure they’re cocoa powder… was thinking the change to Tony’s Chocolumpy might be the cause.

Either that or the Huel minions who stir the mixture need bigger spurtles.

Well the only way to stir our porridge is with a spurtle, so the oat based gruel should be stirred the same way.

Never seen this before :eyes::eyes:

Can you drop us an email at team@huel.com so we can look into this for you?

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Always trust you, can’t we :sweat_smile:

Interesting. the lumps are so noticeable I was thinking if they’re a feature of the switch to Tony’s chocolate it would’ve been mentioned before now.
Must be a glitch, anyway I’ll email the batch number through. Cheers Mark.

btw I love Tony’s. :chocolate_bar: :yum:

I had a very helpful response from HQ - looks like it’s just the new cocoa powder, just unmixed somehow, and no worries. Good to know, and hopefully anyone else has a similar issue will be reassured.

That Tony makes his chocolate pretty strong. :muscle:

I… couldn’t… resist…

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Maybe chocolate chunks could be a new feature for v1.3?
They’d be good in Banana and Vanilla flavours too.

With that faux accent and no subtitles I thought he was saying kipper…like Manuel in the kipper and the corpse episode of flowery twats.

Might be a choking hazard tho.

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I wouldn’t worry, these ones are pretty crumbly when you catch one and squish it. Proper chewy chunks would be lush, but as you say, maybe a bit hazardous.

I sometimes add some cacao nibs if i want a crunch. Yummy :yum:

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