Day 1 - 7 stone to go!

Great progress! Stay strong! :muscle:t2: Are you aiming for a particular number of calories each day?

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No real plan, we go away in 3 weeks so I may keep going till then…then just try and be good on my jollies :slight_smile:

Thanks, initial easy weight has dropped off, so now the hard bit begins, treadmill will get dusted off :slight_smile:

I’m aiming at not more than 1500 a day and adding in exercise. I’ve been fine so far at 3 shakes a day, on a ‘work day’ then I’ll have 4. I’ll keep this up for a while, but do go on holiday soon so I’ll be on real food…not sure if I can pop a bag full of white powder in my case and take it abroad :slight_smile:

When I have lost a couple of stone, I’ll just go on breakfast, lunch shakes and have a sensible tea/evening meal, and make sure I have a 1000 calorie deficit…

For me it’s just math, put less in, use more and the weight will come off…with a bit of added will power…though I nearly went out yesterday for a full English :slight_smile:

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Today is my 7th day of 100% Huel…and coffee.

I have the fancy Aria scales so they upload my weight straight to Fitbit…so I am not entering these figures myself.

12.6 pounds gone…probably all water, but I can feel the difference :slight_smile:

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Great plan! That sounds like a good idea, and well done on resisting temptation!

Ps. Great work on the weight loss, that’s pretty inspiring.

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Day 8

Sill 100% Huel

3 scoops fro breakfast lunch
3 scoops for tea
(Out and about so missed one ‘meal’)

4 cups of coffee with skimmed milk.

Forgot the Fitbit when I was out in the evening…so it says 9k…but I did do over 10k, honest :joy:


Day 9

3 scoops of Huel for lunch
3 scoops for evening meal…

Was out and about so missed breakfast.

4 cups of coffee.

A good exercise day today, had good walk :slight_smile: I think I have 3000 calorie deficit today :slight_smile:

1 stone 1 pound lost since 5th July.

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At 17 stone and 48 years old i want to do the same, i do walk but not enough to burn off my calorific intake. I would like to build up to 100% Huel

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It’s always going to depend on how much you want to do it. It’s definitely doable…but you have to get your mind on it.

I could quite easily do less than 500 steps a day…Monday-Friday every week, …I have been doing for years…hence the wait gain.

I have a fitbit…this is my savouir :slight_smile:

I wasn’t massively over eating…but like you wasn’t doing enough to burn off a normal calorie intake.

I saw a ‘cancer research sponsored 10k steps a day for a month’ advert…thought that was great idea…bought a fitbit, and then forced/found the time to do 10,000 steps a day. I lost over a stone and felt great…but I lapsed.

Now a couple of months down the line, I had actually put it back on…so decided enough was enough…fitbit went back on…randomly found out about Huel and decided to give it a go.

If I don’t get out of the house during the day, I work from home, then I will just walk from the front lounge window to the back kitchen door to get my steps in…I do this most days.

Break it down into chunks do 1000 at a time then do something else etc…

As for Huel, I decided to just go for it, after reading the forums, I thought why not. I have another 23 days to go on 100% Huel (if I can) then I’m on my jollies so regular (goodish) food it will be for 10 days !

Good luck with your progress, start a thread above and keep it updated so we can see how you are doing and encourage you, it’s not easy…but it really is doable :slight_smile:


…PS as for the steps I’m way behind today only 724 so far so I’ll be off jogging/walking up and down the lounge !

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How you getting on buddy?