Day 1 - 7 stone to go!

Hi all,

My Huel has been delivered today…

I am pretty sedentary working on a computer for 12 hours a day…so Fitbit will go on and Huel will be my food.

I have enjoyed every mouthful to get to 20 stone 4 pounds, but at 47 years old and the extra weight needs to go !

So I aim at doing my 10,000 steps a day…building up to jogging, walking first. Replacing most of my food with Huel, may just have one light meal for tea, I’ll see how I get on…

cheers all,



Good luck pal.

Its recommend to ease into Huel, so will be worth starting with one per day for a few days.

Another tip is weigh your Huel amd log everything you can on My Fitness Pal, definitely helps!!

Good luvk and I look forward to reading your progress!!

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Cheers, yes I’ve been reading up on easing in, I’ll see how I get on. :slight_smile:

Start Image !

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Good luck! I am starting my weight loss journey tomorrow with Huel, also like you I am using a Fitbit to track steps.

Update with how you get on! :slight_smile:

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Good luck. Stick at it. Resist the temptation to go back to the dark side, your journey to lose 7 stone will be epic! I look forward to see how you get on.


Good luck! Keep us posted with your progress!


Day 1 done:

3 scoops of Huel for breakfast.
4 x decaf coffee + skimmed milk.
1 1/2 scoops Huel for lunch
3 scoops of Huel of tea/evening.

According to Fitbit thats 1,024 calories. (ish)

10,000 steps done !

Weighing myself daily (Aria scales auto update to Fitbit) but I’m just going to post weight every 3rd day, as I’m sure it will average out.

…I really wish my 9 year old’s favourite youtube channel wasn’t sorted food…pure torture :slight_smile:

Day 2

Still 100% Huel except the coffee…

3 scoops of Huel for breakfast.
3 scoops of Huel for lunch
3 scoops of Huel of tea/evening.
3 x decaf coffee + skimmed milk

10,000 steps done…just !

According to Fitbit thats just under 1400 calories.

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Can’t wait to see how you get on.
Have you thought of normal coffee not decaf. And if you can use no milk.

Even better start the day with one half hour before your 1st shake.

If not another idea is to just put the tea spoon if coffee in with your 1st huel shake. Kicks of metabolism and aids weight loss.

Good luck Mancman. Are you from Manc?
I’ll watch how you progress. x
There’s a free application called ‘Couch to 5K’ I recommend. Slow and easy.

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Thanks, I kicked caffeine a few years ago…not going back :slight_smile: I could quite happily have 10 cups of coffee a day !

Now with caffeine free I only have 3 or 4 a day.

I do still put al little extra coffee in the first one for that extra boost :slight_smile:

Thanks, yes I’m an adopted amen been here now for 26 years :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion I’ll have a nosey :slight_smile:

Day 3 (Saturday)

I knew this was going to be tough day…first day working…and just Huel. I shoot weddings !

I bagged up 3 lot’s of 3 scoops in sandwich bags, a few litres of water and 1 pre mixed 3 scoop…|

I was very good…didn’t eat anything else and wasn’t hungry…the temptation is great at weddings :slight_smile:

4 x 3 scoops Huel
1 pint fresh orange and lemonade (treat!)
2 cups of coffee with skimmed milk.

4,800 + calories burnt… about 2,034 in :slight_smile:

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Day 4 (Sunday)

3 lots of 3scoops of Huel
2 coffee and skimmed milk…

Tough day watching everyone eat their roast dinner :joy::joy:

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1st weeks weigh in… :slight_smile:

I’m sure this is all water that’s gone, but happy it’s going in the right direction… I have the Aria scales so they send the weight straight to the Fitbit app…weigh in every day, 1st thing in the morning.


That’s really great! Well done on your progress mancman!

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Thanks, I think the more you have to lose the easier it is at the beginning :slight_smile:

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Day 5

3 lots of 3 scoops of Huel
3 coffee and skimmed milk…

10,000 steps done

1st bag of Huel is nearly empty…

…tough work, cooking pancakes for the boys tonight:joy:


Day 6

2 x scoops of Huel for breakfast3
3 x scoops of Huel for lunch
3 x scoops of Huel for tea/evening

3 x coffee with skimmed milk

Just managed to get my 10k steps in…

Food is in my every waking thought :joy:

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How long you planning on going 100% for?

Nothing wrong with having sensible food…

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