Day 14 of Huel. I've just gained. :-(

Been using my fitnesspal to track the calories. Most days I’m under, some days it warns me I’m under, but I’m not hungry. So figure that’s fine. Tend to go out with Friends on a Saturday, so tend to be over a little, by the time I’ve had a couple of G&T’s.

So 6 days 500 under, 1 day 600 over. So how have I gained 9 pounds? :frowning:

I tend to estimate higher, so if I think I’ve eaten 2/3 of a pizza, which I can only find the whole pizza calories on, I’ll select the whole pizza. Only thing I can think of I’m not tracking in great details is white coffee. So 80% black coffee, with a splash of milk at the top, you know normal English style coffee. Now I have 5 a day, but even if I select McDonalds white coffee, and 80 cals, that’s still me under?

Anyone had a similar experience, what were you missing tracking?

I’m looking on the bright side, I’ve stopped the weight gain, and compared to 2 weeks, ago, I’m still down, but I had hoped for another 3 lb loss week :slight_smile:

How odd! Water retention maybe?

My weight fluctuates like absolute crazy - I was doing Huel 1 or 2 meals a day and staying well under my calorie allowance but would gain weight some weeks. I’ve been busy at work, moving house and unwell, and have only had a few Huel meals in the last fortnight, but have still lost another few pounds. I had pizza last night and the leftover for breakfast this morning, so not a strong start to the week, but who knows how that will actually affect my weight haha!

Pretty sure it’s water retention stuff most of the time, as I can’t think of any other explanation.

Could be. Any way of measuring it?

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No idea :frowning: if it were me I’d drink more water, I retain when I don’t drink enough

Perhaps your TDEE has been estimated too high?

They say a lb of fat has a caloric value of roughly 3500. In order to lose one lb, you’d have to maintain a daily deficit of 500 for one week.

Same for the opposite, a daily surplus of 500 will net roughly 1lb a week.

I see it as impossible you’ve gained 9lb of fat in 6 days. :slight_smile:

Are you weighing yourself the same way each time e.g. no clothes, first thing in the morning before eating/drinking but after going to the loo? That’s how I do it.

A big dump can weigh a pound or two and a glass or more of water will show on the scales too.


Even more so, that I loss the same the week before. It’s strange.

Yup, first thing in the morning, just after morning ablutions :slight_smile:

Play the long game ianw, stay healthy and you’ll get there sustainably, and ultimately you’ll keep it off. Don’t worry too much about the ups and downs on the way it’s a marathon not a sprint. Day 14 is pretty early, especially if you lost a lot in the first week, don’t expect too much in 7 days. How much of your daily intake is Huel now?

In the week 66%. I do one scoop first thing, followed by another single scoop as and when I feel peckish, up to 5 scoops, then an “proper” evening meal.

So today was an easy day.

Total 1202.
Goal 2020
Under by 818.

That’s with me not being hungry all day, and following up each huel by refilling the pot with water, giving it a shake and drinking the pot.

So my water intake is easily 2l today.

That’s 2 x 1 scoops for breakfast and elevensies.

1 for Luch.

1 for high tea :slight_smile:

Then couscous and 200 of grilled chicken breast for dinner.

Keep it up mate you’ll see the results eventually I’m sure, if you make it the new normal you’ll easily keep it off too

Have you done a TDEE calculator to get a value of 2000?

1200 is very low, that’s what my 56 year old 5ft4 mother uses as a deficit. Careful you don’t push your body to its limits :slight_smile:

I went with the recommended on myfitnesspal, as when I tried a calculation is was daft…

I’m also going on am I hungry, so if I’m hungry, I have another single scoop huel and sip that.

calories per day
calories per week

Based on your stats, the best estimate for your maintenance calories is
2,627 calories per day based on the Katch-McArdle Formula, which is widely known to be the most accurate when body fat is provided. The table below shows the difference if you were to have selected a different activity level.
Basal Metabolic Rate 2,189 calories per day
Sedentary 2,627 calories per day
Light Exercise 3,010 calories per day
Moderate Exercise 3,393 calories per day
Heavy Exercise 3,776 calories per day
Athlete 4,159 calories per day

Corrected as lbs/kg.

So from this, 2,627

-500 gives me 2127, so 100 different…I’m happy with myfitnesspal’s guess :slight_smile:

Jesus Christ are you 86 feet tall?! :stuck_out_tongue: Fair enough!

Here’s mine for 183cm 83KG with moderate exercise.

Your Maintenance Calories

calories per day
calories per week

I might have put kg/lbs…correcting the post…

Ahh perfect, sounds like you’re spot on then in that case.

If your maintenance - 500 isn’t giving results I’d drop to perhaps 1750 a day, but anything less will be counterproductive and start screwing up hormones, from my experience. Perhaps yours will differ but we’re all human :smiley:

Keep the thread informed, it’s interesting!

At the moment I’m hoping/assuming that there will be an amount of stomach shrinkage/adjustment to the smaller amount of food, so it will become easier and easier. I’m comfortable at 2020 as I’m under almost always Mon-Friday, it’s only the week-end that becomes challenging.

I’d aim for TDEE - 20% as a maximum deficit.

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So this the first full week digest (as I started recording part way through the week, you can see why I was surprised at a gain.