Day 14 of Huel. I've just gained. :-(


I’d say that 2 weeks isn’t a very long time and also that you may well be consuming more water than you were previously. I’ve never done it but monitoring your percentage body fat might be useful?


I feel your pain! I can be incredibly strict all week but the weekend comes and I have a few drinks and some processed food and bam! I can’t believe how much I seem to stack on but… it comes off again quickly. I suspect alcohol and processed food (pizza, takeaways, pub food etc which are all packed with salt) are a lethal combination because the salt and the dehydration send your body into protection mode and you retain as much water as possible. I try to avoid the salty foods, wheat based stuff like pizza and drink lots of water. Don’t let a blip derail your efforts, you can do this!


Are you training? Rapid weight loss will happen in the first few weeks of any diet or training style. After that you are likely to plateau for a while and will need to make small tweets to achieve your goals. In the first month of 100% Huel I lost 4.2kg but I didn’t look hardly any different. Month two saw a leaner look but my weight stayed the same at 70kg. (Average morning weight after bladder dump was 70.3kg). I weighed myself at the same time every three or so days. Month 3 sees the same weight average but a more muscular defined physique.

(I’ve been Huel only the whole time, less 1 week of holiday where I ate what I liked but was still very active)

My point is, if you’re inconsistent at weigh in times, or inconsistent in diet then your weight results will be inconsistent. If you have plateaued then it’s time to reevaluate your diet or your training.


Hello, I’m new to the group but not new to nutrition. I read your post and some of the replies. The problem is human biology does not work like maths because not all calories are created equal. Counting calories will drive you mad. The reason for your weight gain is to do with calorie quality and calorie quality is determined by how many naturally occurring vitamins and minerals they contain. The more natural nutrients the higher the quality. Try replacing some of the nutrition less carbohydrates and processed fats with vegetables, protein and natural fats. I hope this is helpful.


Tell that to the guy who successfully lost weight on the Twinkie diet or the guy who “eats healthy” for 3500 calories a day and gains weight.


I’m not on board with that either. I’ve lost 7kg in the last 6 weeks or so purely from keeping a net calories around 1300-1500. On days I exercise I eat more than on days I don’t.

Calorie counting is also pretty straight forward if you want to spend the time at the start learning how many calories food contains. You only have to read the labels once, weigh out your portions and work the calories out once and you will soon start to get a picture of how many calories your meals contain. It’s actually a good eye opener as well as I did not realise for example how many calories were in oven fish and chips.