Dear Huel

Can we buy the stainless steel Huel bottles in england… ?? It seems to only be on your american site… :cry::cry:. Please sell it to us too…you 'd make lots of money… :grin:


Thanks for the message, the stainless steel bottles have been the bane of @ZoeOfficialHuel’s life for some time now. Unfortunately the manufactuer of this particular bottle, who incidentally supplies most of the resellers in the UK, can’t make the bottles consistently. We have tried multiple times with multiple suppliers and the bottles come back with:

  • Dirt in the lip
  • Paint defects around the top
  • abrasions on the lip that could cut you

The US ones seem better so we could look into getting some but for now it isn’t a priority. Sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll get back onto it soon.

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I will buy. Also enamel mug!

Thank you for the quick reply… fingers crossed one day :grin:

I just posted this in the bag hack thread, but in case you missed it. This is a very important hack for those people who are unable to source a Huel branded bottle.

Buy yourself a bottle like this:

Cut the Huel word off the label from the front of a pack. Wipe the powder from the back of it…stick some of this all over the back of the label:
and press it onto the bottle. Leave to dry. Varnish the front for added durability. Don’t put it in the dishwasher.

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:joy::joy: haha… I do already have a few stainless steel bottles so I cpuld make this happen :joy: My life will not be complete till I have one branded with Huel. Huel forever <3

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And update the bottle, the plastic one, its too big for the quantity that it has. I have a 600ml (little smaller) bottle much smaller than the Huel one

Sistema bottle 600 is called

I find the bottle size is okay, but then again I do usually go with around 600ml-650ml and the bottle holds 700ml so its pretty much full. This is mainly due to me never stop the water in time to hit 600ml exactly, but again the extra bit does matter really and the consistency is about right for my taste.

Your 600ml bottle can’t be much smaller in terms of the actually bottle, yeah its 100ml smaller so it will be smaller, but 600ml is 600ml, so is it more the lid with the drinking spout is smaller so it makes the actually bottle seem a lot smaller?

You can shake a 500kcal meal of Huel in a 600ml bottle without getting lumps?

Yes I do, when I can i mix in the blender the night before to let my 2 bottles prepared but if I have to shake there is no problem, although i have to shake stronger and for around 1 minute.

I normally fill it with warm water and then i put the huel. After puting the huel i put some water on top of it and then i slowly turn downside the bottle (this way I avoid those typical lumps inside the lid) and start to shake it a lot for 40-60 secs, almost no lumps in that.

At first i put like 70% of the total water (pre huel and after huel) and after all is very mixed and thick i add the remaining water and a little of milk

Warm water :scream:


Also im definitely the laziest hueler around… i cant be bothered with filling up some water then adding powder then adding more water then putting in the fridge or blender…haha… I run the tap for a few seconds. Put water in . Put powder on top. Shake for about 3seconds… drink it in about 40seconds. Job done :sunglasses: haha…

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Warm water and then I put in my bag or whatever, I dont drink instantly

Wow! I have never heard of it warm before…unusual! like mine as cold as possible! And like the taste to much I can never save it for long…hehe

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If its warm it mixes much better, when its cold its like it repels the water. I have the 2.2 also

Original mixes fine for me cold
New Improved gives me lumps the size of hazelnuts

The lumps are! :grin:

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Look, both bottles are from Sistema, the one at the left is the one that has 600ml, the one in the middle 725, and then the Huel shaker that has 700ml.

Huel is much bigger compared to the others, the bottle in the middle has more capacity and feels much smaller.

The shaker of Huel could be much more ¿fit? ¿Thinner? I dont know the exact word, but I like to have a bottle that has the same size in each part so its easier to fit in a bag. The square shape, which isnt popular, is very good for 2 reasons, it is very recognisable because of its weird shape (and cool) and it optimises the space better

Well the Huel one is marked to 700 but it actually probably holds 850 or so…

The Huel shaker is off the shelf and works excellently for mixability, not bespoke to us. Your method of mixing isn’t typical of what most customers want to do, shaking for 60 seconds would be extremely odd to put in the Let’s Get Started booklet. You may well get good results for smoothness from using warm water, but we don’t recommend using warm water, we recommend using ice cold water because we believe it tastes far better. We need the extra room to allow for space to shake thoroughly in a shorter time.

Having our own shaker would be amazing but see below message on this.

The shakers are in equal parts perfect and not ideal for different reasons. We would love to have our own shaker, we tried over a year ago to do this but many prototypes later we just simply didn’t have a solution that was better than our current shaker. Sorry about that. When we have more time, this will sure be a project we look into further.