Prepended Huel (Berry)

I bought 12 bottles of the ready to drink bottles and I like it very much, though the price is prohibitive. My biggest problem is to open the bottle!

The bottle is too slick and the top is fixed so tightly that it takes me at least 10 minutes. Am I the only one with that problem?

Try wrapping an elastic band around the lid. Like this.

Wrap a second around the bottle if it’s still slippy. The increased grip should help!


Good idea. Wearing rubber gloves should help too.

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Hahaha wow, not just my girlfriend then. She complains that they’re too hard to open for her admittedly tiny hands.

I’ve never had the issue and can pretty much open them in all situations, even with index finger and thumb. Will have to let her know she’s not alone.

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My girlfriend is from Thailand. When she has finished showing me a ping pong ball trick she can open a bottle of Huel with our using any hands. She’s a right clever ****.

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:grin: I have a picture in my mind now how she opens the bottle…

I tried rubber bands this morning and that worked very well. Thanks for the tip

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Its super easy to open… Maybe the aluminium fixed band could have a bigger opener, but its ok

@airiartev I was expecting you to use this as an opportunity to ask for squround bottles again ! :smile:

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Sqround bottles FTW!! Hahaha

Now serious, that would be awesome

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