Huel Ready to drink sometimes chunky and off

I’ve had a four boxes of ready to drink now (2 deliveries of both flavours) and every 4th/5th bottle has lots of chunks in it and an off taste, when drank it causes diarrhoea and the chunks seem to pass right through (I’ve only tried this once!)

I don’t think its a mixing / shaking issue as I shake them all thoroughly and most are perfectly smooth and taste normal - I don’t know if its coincidence but the bottles sometimes for these feel a little ‘indented’ or hollow and I’m not sure if it’s breaking a seal and they are going bad?

Has anyone else experienced this? Any tips? If I get bad bottles can I get them replaced?

Just to add I think it’s only happening with the berry ones (but I can’t be sure)

Is there a batch number on the bottles you can feed back to Huel?

Out of a whole box of Berry I did get one that tasted a bit off and had weird bits in. I wouldn’t call them lumps, but more like flat pieces. I might have one single bottle left from that batch so I can check the number.
I just assumed it could be because I refrigerated it then had it in my bag for a couple of days, then refrigerated it again, then it got warm again!

The Ready to Drink Vanilla I bought from Tesco I bought a few days ago gives me diarrhoea. The chocolate powder I normally drink is absolutely fine.

@ChristinaT small, crystalline flakes in the RTD is quite normal, as long as they are generally small. I think it must be something to do with sugars crystallising or possibly just the RTD drying around the seal.

Unfortunately I know all too well what @danroddis is referring to, I once had a bottle of berry that had completely gone off. It was the only one in a batch of 24 but it was disgusting, very lumpy and sour tasting. Shame to hear it’s something that’s happened more than once

@RyanT like I said, I had one bottle out of the entire box that tasted off. I’m not sure why you are doubting my tastebuds. The other 11 tasted great. One tasted gross.
Therefore I wouldn’t say it was normal.

The only bottle of vanilla I’ve ever tasted also tasted completely off - sour and undrinkable. But as I had nothing to compare it to, I assumed maybe I just didn’t like that flavour. But after tasting that one gone-off bottle of berry, I’m inclined to think the vanilla one was also off as it has a similar sour foul taste.

As all the others in the box were fine I don’t think it was a batch issue. Could be how I stored it…

Not doubting your tastebuds or your account, sorry if I offended. Sounds like something even a bit of cacao couldn’t fix!

Thanks for raising this, so sorry to hear about the weird RTD you’ve had. It would be really helpful for us to get the batch number etc. There’s a load of information printed on the top of the cap, could you send that across? @Jinkster and @airiartev it would be great if you could too re: this thread.

If it hasn’t been said before, always give your RTDs a good ol’ shake before opening.

Thanks everyone for the replies @Tim_Huel the batch number is BL067-9138 07:21 (Best before 17-Dec-19)

I’ve been storing them all in the fridge as soon as I get them, like @ChristinaT the first time I thought it was a storage issue but fortunately I’d had 2 or 3 that tasted fine and smooth before the first bad one so I knew it wasn’t normal - I was hoping it was just a one off but I’ve had a few like it now - they might all be from the same batch as I didn’t finish the berry from my last order so batches could be mixed up from the 2 orders of berry I had.

Assuming that my box contained bottles all from the same batch, the dodgy bottle was:
Berry BL041-9088 best before 28/Oct/19
I don’t know the time stamp of that specific bad bottle, but the one bottle I have left from the same batch is stamped 00:57.
All other bottles in the box were delicious.
Personally I think it can’t be a coincidence that the one that tasted sour was the one bottle that I let get warm, cold, warm, cold, warm! It stayed sealed but it seems like the repeated change in temperature ruined it.
This might be a useful thing to test @Tim_Huel ?

If the change in temp does make it go off, then it would be good to recommend on the label to store at a constant temperature, whether that’s room temp or fridge doesn’t seem to matter: it is the change that seems to effect it.

Thanks Tim, I always do. Yesterday was a horrible day…

Morning all, thanks for these report. We’re keen to investigate these ASAP, but I need some help from you all so we can do this.

What I need you to do is send me the box of Huel RTD. I know this is a pain, but it’s absolutely essential. I would say of the few people that report stuff that needs to be investigated we receive back about 50%. The Quality team cannot launch an investigation without the product.

  • Post the case of affected RTD back to us, with a note explaining who you are and where you have communicated with us . Please don’t just send the bottles back with no message, it will get lost as no one will know what it is in reference to. We will reimburse you for the postage of course.

The address is:
FAO Dr David Lloyd
Unit 6, Icknield Way Industrial Estate, Icknield Way, Tring HP23 4RN

Once we have that information we can start an investigation. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Mine was the last bottle of the box, I am afraid that I cant help you with that although I sent you the batch.

I will buy soon more RTD…

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This is what I bought from Sainsburys. A couple of hours later I was running to the bathroom. Have been using the Choc powder a lot and absolutely no problems at all.

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Strangely I get that problem with the powder but not the RTD!

70-80% of the RTD I’ve had so far has been far superior to the powder because I could never get the powder blended just right - when its good it’s perfect.

I’m wondering if my fridge is partially to blame, had one today that was partially frozen at the bottom and that was really lumpy even when it thawed and I shook it like a mad man (although no off taste and no issues charging to the bathroom)

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