Vanilla ready to drink - stomach problems

I’ve recently tried the Vanilla RTD and it’s giving me diarrhoea and stomach problems. The chocolate powdered Huel is absolutely fine. Im a little worried as I have a bag of Vanilla flavoured Huel next.

‘Has anyone else had the same problems?

The Vanilla RTD and Vanilla Huel powder are two very different products! Maybe just stick to the powdered Huel for now and reintroduce the RTD later on

Today I tried a new batch of Huel and I had the same issues. I couldnt even drive… And I had to make a 300 km trip…

I thought it was what I eated, but at 10 am I had a RTD vainilla. Today was horrible, if this was caused by Huel it would be the first time in years.

Yes a couple of hours later after the vanilla RTD I was unwell. Same happened the other day when I tried RTD. I’ll be sticking to powder from now on.

Here you go.

There is a Huel fan forum on Facebook and a couple of people complaining of issues with vanilla RTD…both in uk and USA.