Difficulty opening bottles

I love the Huel shakes. Over the past months when I haven’t been well I have downed dozens of them. Mostly I open them like everyone else by turning the cap. There’s a glitch. Right now I’m looking at two bottles and I can’t open either of them, . I shall have to get out my clever device that assists opening. This means going to the kitchen which my legs don’t particularly want to do right now. it’s not the first time. I reckon it’s about one in eight bottles refuses to open in the normal way… The shakes are meal replacements. As such the customer base surely includes those of us who aren’t weight-lifters… I’ve even wondered if there are two different methods of sealing, and one is something like heat-sealing by robot designed to make the bottle close to unopenable. Could there be better QC here? Thanks.

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It would be helpful to the Huel team if you posted the batch number (on the cap) for the two bottles you can’t open. It’s not something I’ve ever experienced to be honest though and I’ve had plenty of ready to drink bottles.

Realistically if you finding it a daunting prospect walking to get the device to help you open bottles and to own such a device to begin with it may just be that some are too difficult for you to open for no particular reason

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Yes please, as this certainly shouldn’t be the case when opening our ready-to-drink bottles!

It sounds like it could be a problem with the batch packaging, so we can look into this to ensure it’s not the case with future batches could you please email team@huel.com with the batch number and order ID or email address, it would be much appreciated :pray:

Totally agree! And I don’t own or have need for an opening device. I have wondered how anyone with any kind of weakness or disability manages. Have found all of the bottles of ready to drink Huel ordered in the last few weeks to be tricky. And as for the box they come in!!! Am I missing some obvious instructions on how to open the box more easily? 10/10 for security 0/10 for accessibility! Sorry am a little cross and tired after fighting with a bottle that just will not open :wink: