Huel stainless steel shaker bottle


I bought the stainless steel shaker bottle but the opening is so small that it makes it difficult to pour the huel powder. Maybe the bottle should be redesigned, otherwise you need a funnel to use it properly.


Thank you @dabd for your feedback. We are working on it, hopefully we should have a new solution in the new year.

Maybe a good idea to remove the word shaker from the description on the shop? It’s more of a bottle to be used after mixing in a blender I would have thought.

Good idea, done. I’ve added a note to the page too.

Any news on when the new SS bottles will be landing?

May :astonished:

Sorry it’s out of hands. There are none left in the UK and Europe.

Also I have found the bottle difficult to open, quite often feels as if the inner collar is just spinning.

I decant huel into a jug then into the bottle