Decaf coffee flavoured Huel

More a request than a topic: make coffee flavoured Huel which is decaffeinated.

I love the coffee-flavoured Huel, but have (very reluctantly) cut caffeine from my diet as it helps me sleep better and focus more.

Pleeeaaassseeee make this - I can’t imagine it’s more challenging than making the normal coffee-flavour.

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Hey @Gumby
I add Nescafé decaffeinated gold blend instant coffee to Original Huel. It is delicious.
Probably would work just as well in Vanilla or unflavoured - depending on your sweetness preference.

Instant coffee works so well in Huel, I haven’t actually tried the Coffee premix yet.


I’d welcome a decaf version too. I just have the coffee premix for breakfast at the moment though, so no problems with it keeping me awake :smiley:

Coffee premix is not very sweet so perhaps adding a small amount of decaf instant to UU would work.

Can we have a high caffeine one too?


Yea, really frustrating to add a couple of teaspoons to my coffee Huel every morning.


Glad that I found this thread - I totally agree. Decaf would be great. Obviously more people think that.

By “found” you mean searched for and by “more” you mean 2. So in the 2 years since this thread, there are now 3 people in the world (exc. USA) who want a decaf coffee flavour.

Curiously, do make your own decaf coffee Huel at present?