Default setting is a pain / i clicked it and dont want chocolate

Hi All
Has anyone else fallen fowl of the automatic selection pushing one choc and one bag of Vanilla Huel Black.

I was just confused when subscribing and had only ever bought Vanilla. I dont want the hassle or expense of sending a bag back or the wastefulness of binning it.

I have written asking to have it swapped (about 2 mins after realising my error).

I dont think the shop should have a default setting on what flavours you might want.

I see others are trying to sell of their Huel Chocolate. Seems its not so popuular?

Any thoughts?

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I guess its always been like that - same on the regular powder - auto selects one of each of first two flavours to make up the minimum order.

Heh yeah I ended up with a box of peanut butter bars after making the same mistake as you.

Kinda a mixed result tho really because:

a) I hate peanut butter in any form;
b) loads of my friends have been asking me if they can try a bar or a few scoops etc; and therefore
c) I just have been giving the nasty peanut butter bars away without recourse to my stockpile of coffee caramel. They are my preciousssss.

Edit: I don’t like huel black vanilla much, i only buy the chocolate powder so doubt it’s that, I’m sure I’m not alone.

100% agree! One time, I thought the unit price had skyrocketed when selecting my items, then noticed those auto-selected items. :sweat_smile:

Hey Patrick, sorry you didn’t want the Vanilla and Chocolate. We always preselect our favourite flavours as this makes people’s decision making easier. We know that not everyone loves Huel straight away and actually having 2 flavours means they have two attempts to find a flavour they like.

Saying all that, you can still deselect and reselect the flavours you want and don’t have to go with our recommendation, then those flavours you have selected are confirmed on every page after that (the cart page, then on the shipping information page, then on the shipping page, then payment page after that and finally the review page.) If you could let us know where else we could make it more obvious it would help us!

Hey Jem, individual flavours on each product don’t differ in price (i.e. Chocolate v3.0 and Vanilla v3.0 cost the same) - could you confirm what you mean so we can look into it? Was it that you were on the Black Edition product page instead of the v3.0 product page?

No, sorry it wasn’t clear. What I meant was, because the 2 bags were pre-selected (which I didn’t notice at first), it made it seem like the 4 bags I wanted had increased a lot in price, but obviously it was the fact that the price was showing for 6 bags (2 extra bags were on there ie the pre-selected ones that I didn’t want). I removed them before ordering.