Maybe stop faulty flavours on the order screen

Hey Huel People, just a suggestion, could you consider no longer defaulting a flavour selection on the product order pages ? I just got my huel bars order with a surprise box of coffee flavour, which i will never touch, and i had something similar happen before … obv i should have been more vigilant and spotted that a box of coffee had been pre-selected, but it’s easy to overlook, and i don’t think you need to have this defaulting there … just a thought :slight_smile:
am loving the chocolate and orange flavour though by the way :slight_smile:


I second this!
No need to default 2 bags of vanilla when going to order powder.
Its easy to not realise that there is a little 2 there, then enter the flavours you actualy want, hit add to basket, and end up with more bags than you were planning.

Surely the default could just be zero next to all products.
I know you have to purchase 2 bags / boxes of bars, but a message telling you this, and the inability to add to basket unless this is fulfilled, would be much better


Yes, this!
I nearly ended up with 2 bags of Vanilla as well as Berry on my first order and it nearly happened again with my second, even though I was more aware of it this time.



P.S. are you the right guy for tagging in website feedback?

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Pre-selecting a flavour makes sense as it streamlines the process, with Powder it will preselect whichever flavour you click on


However I agree that pre-selecting Coffee Bars is a little weird, perhaps it should be Cocoa instead. Thanks for the feedback :blush:

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