Delivery in Germany


I must place a Huel order (for a medical patient) to be delivered at a German address. From what I could gather Huel uses DHL for German orders.

Does the German DHL service allow for selecting a custom delivery window?

This is really important and kind of urgent. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone

DHL in any country don’t have specific delivery windows you can select - once it’s cleared for despatch from the depot it goes onto the vans and is delivered up to a specified time on the scheduled date - it can arrive at any time in that window.

You do have the option to request a hold so you can collect it at a depot instead or if you are not in when it arrives you can request a redelivery on a different date.

Thanks Phil for your answer. Do they at least offer the option to request that the package be simply left in a safe location/on the porch? The patient is basically living in temporary accommodation next to the hospital and there is a chance she might be in for treatment when the package is delivered. She wouldn’t be able to pick it up from a depot. So I’m trying to figure out if there is a practical way of doing this.

if it requires a signature I’m not sure they would leave it - I guess her best bet is to contact her local DHL customer service number with the tracking number and explain, they will usually be able to provide the info to the driver who can call her when he is due to arrive to find out where she is.

@Phil_C is absolutely right on this one!

We do also have a drop off location with DHL, where people can choose to have the parcels delivered to a safe place:

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