Delivery Stuck in Germany

Hi all,

Is there anyone experiencing his/her delivery stuck in Germany? I do understand the Black Friday that makes cargo delay. 2 weeks seems a bit unreasonable to me because of Black Friday. And I didn’t hear anything from Huel either. Also, the dispatch is waiting somewhere in a depot under what condition, I have no clue.

I don’t know what Huel can do correctly, but my next dispatch is next week, and for me, it is frustrating. I don’t know what I am going to receive either. Both dispatches? Only the last one? First one?

Yes I have 3 orders stuck in Dorsten for the last 3 weeks and I’m not the only one apparently…

Check this thread: Delivery in the Netherlands

Very frustrating…!

I think by now I have send at least 6 emails to Huel about this with zero result.

Maybe someone from support can let us know that they’re looking into it instead of the deadly silence that is coming from Huel…

why are you expecting Huel to be able to resolve this? what have DHL said? - it is they who have your parcel is it not?

Technically, and legally I am not the controller here. If you know the roles, I am happy to learn and act upon it.

I meant - you know where your order is because I presume you’re tracking your airway-bill number so so on the tracking, what is its actual status and have you queried the delay with DHL themselves?

When a package is handed over to a courier its safe delivery becomes their responsibility along with insurance and compensation for any loss or damage. Im sure Huel’s customer service could assist with your queries to DHL but I just think you would be better served pressuring DHL’s customer team to get this delivery resolved.

I don’t know how it is in Germany or the Netherlands but in the U.K., the sender has to chase the courier company as it is them that has the contract with the courier. As the recipient, there is no legal contract between yourself and the delivery company and therefore it is not possible to chase it, nor claim compensation for a lost or delayed parcel. This is the case for DPD, Royal Mail, Yodel, Hermes and I expect numerous others. If I as a customer contact them to ask where my parcel is, they will simply refer me back to the seller and advise me that they need to chase it from their end.

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this is DHL’s 'advice on their website - such as it is:

'There’s no need to start worrying when a package hasn’t arrived when you expected it. Most of the time it got delayed somewhere, which you can simply check through our track-and-trace service. If the delivery status of your package remains unclear, be sure to contact us straight away.

When contacting customer service, you will be asked to provide the consignment number and, if possible, an accurate and detailed description of the goods and packaging. We will then check with our distribution centres to find out if your shipment was perhaps addressed incorrectly or if its packaging got damaged or lost. If your package was not retained in one of our distribution centres, we will continue our search to find out where things went wrong.’

thankfully my deliveries now come by FedEx but prior to that, my monthly routine of getting my Huel delivery involved many ill mannered exchanges with a usually ambivalent DHL representative and berating them on their lame excuses and general ineptitude.

Christina is correct BTW the contract is with the vendor and courier but that doesn’t stop you giving the courier hell for being useless :slight_smile:

I made the order to the Huel company and transferred my money to them. I don’t care if they use DHL, UPS or a pigeon to send my order. I do expect them to answer their mail and inform us if multiple people seem to have the same problem.

That being said I have no idea how it legally works and contacting DHL is definitely worth a try.

I should also probably eat something. Without my Huel I tend to get hangry :rofl:


I just visit the tracking site and this is what says.

If the shipment status has not changed for more than 6 workdays, you can request an investigation. If you are the recipient of the shipment, we recommend that you first consult with the sender of the shipment. This generally results in a quick fix for you.

I haven’t heard from Huel yet, they’re usually fast on twitter.

It applies here in The Netherlands too, the sender has to chase the courier company. I order a lot of stuff from the internet but I never came across this problem. Even replies really quick and comes with a solution. Just fixed an issue with them via chat in minutes.

So what does the tracking status actually say the current situation is?

DHL will always want you to push back on the sender because it saves them any effort to do their job but I always found using DHL’s live chat service to pile some pressure on got quick results

This is what I see on the DHL site:

Tracking status still says it’s in Dorsten… And there is no chat option on DHL Germany. Only the sender can request an investigation. Unless you have more information about it. I can’t find it anywhere on their site.

I see the same. Only for me it’s last week. If I see yours I might get mine in January.

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Just posted another tweet on twitter with this information. Hope to get answers soon.
Apparently the problem is in Dorsten.

Yes it looks like their site is pretty light on options other than phoning them

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Just got a mail that it’s going to be delivered tomorrow.
Well, a lot of tweets helped. Fingers crossed!
Hope yours (@DvdVgt) will come soon too.

Je hebt geluk.

Let’s see when I will get an email.

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Miracles happen seems your parcel has also finally left Dorsten today and is Koln now